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Making a decision. I'm Lisa Sarah Fox News. Hundreds of thousands of students in California will continue with online learning this fall is the White House continues to call for all schools to be reopened. California's two biggest school district's announced that they would not be open for in person classes in August, though They may open for a return to the classroom a little bit later in this school year. It's a decision that impacts more than 700,000 students and President Trump believes that it's aimed at hurting his chances for reelection in November. Fox is Kristin Fisher at the White House, Oregon said to ban indoor gatherings of more than 10 people and require face coverings outside of people can keep a six feet apart starting Wednesday. Governor Kate Brown says right now, if you will not shut anything down these businesses that are implementing and enforcing our safety rules, face coverings, physical distancing. And sanitation do not appear to be the sources of significant transmission. I hope I don't have to go the route of Texas and California and closed bars and restaurants, but nothing. Nothing is off the table, reported Mohr new cases of the virus last week than the entire month of May, another 15,000 cases reported in Florida. You look at the number of beds available county wider statewide. There's a lot of beds available. I think the sense and two statewide I think there's 13 or 14,000 beds that are available in Iran. Santas who says the rise in cases is due to increased testing and the earth people to address the virus was to resolve and not get swept away in fear. The Texas Republican Party is voted to conduct a virtual convention after courts refused to force Houston, which has been a hard hit by the pandemic, to let party hold its convention in person. America is listening to Fox News. Equal housing lender in MLS 1661781 Subject a lender approval. Not all loans apply it for us on the case Rudy Radio program here We are right middle of July. Maybe things are going to open up. Maybe they're not. But maybe.

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