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Stall that more than 70,000 daily cases in 2000 daily deaths, She says she is concerned that states are rolling back. The public health measures put in place to curb spread these very clearly at this level of cases with variant spreading, We stands to completely lose the hard earned proud we have big, she says. We're not out of the woods yet, and that it's important to keep wearing well fitting masks and socially distancing. Among other measures, Lisa Thanks telling you there's a new deal to get most California students back and public schools by the end of this month, and the bottom line is money. The state Legislature will reportedly set aside over $6 billion to be distributed to districts that reopen for in person instruction. Ah, school shooting just reported in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where the district was supposed to return to full day instruction. Today. All campus is now on lockdown. The shooting happened it Watson Chapel Junior high. No details yet. President Biden throwing his support behind a union drive in Alabama, where the workers involved her from an online giant Amazon workers are voting on whether to join the retail wholesale on department store union. While the president didn't mention Amazon by name in the video he sent a strong message is support. There should be no intimidation. No coercion, no threats, no anti union propaganda. No supervisor. No supervisors, you confront employees about their union preferences. Labor activists have accused Amazon of using intimidation tactics on this campaign and during the voting period, Amazon has not responded to the allegations. Socks is Rachel Sutherland. Big Rally on Wall Street, The Dow's up 6 68 America is listening to Bach cities. News radio K L B J I'm Patrick Osborne. This news is brought to buy green night dot com. Central Texas is getting about 78,000 doses of covert vaccine this week and for yet another week. Austin Public Health is getting 12,000. But alternate Health authority Dr Jason Pickett says they can handle at least three times that amount A pH has demonstrated the ability to deliver vaccines in high quantities. Throughout this we've demonstrated that to the state Travis, can you get just under 38,000 Williamson County will get 20,000. There will also be 5300 doses going to Hays County and 2600 going to Bastard County. The New Johnson and Johnson vaccine could be going into arms as early as tomorrow. Chris Van Dusen with the Texas Department of State Health Services, expects that new single dose vaccine to arrive very soon, but he's not sure exactly when sounds like What we're hearing from our federal partners. Here's that will probably have an initial supply for Texas of more than 200,000 doses. Only Texans Age 65 upper currently eligible for that vaccine. Van Dusen estimate at least 40% of that group has been vaccinated already. Austin City Council will discuss Proposition B this week, which would ban public camping. Ah lawsuit claims the city ignored the ballot language on a certified petition and used intentionally misleading language instead. Matt Mackowiak with a nonprofit save. Austin now says whatever happens, Ah, yes vote means you do support the band in a municipal election like this. There's no candidates on the ballot. Most of the people going in their village are already going to know how they're going to vote are on our proposition. The deadline is Wednesday for that language to be finalized and that its regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday the Austin Council will vote on waving, permitting and development fees related to repair and construction of homes and the removal of trees or large debris.

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