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J, an outstanding first half of play for the Packers and its divisional around playoff matchup against the Seahawks 21 23 that would lead going into the second half of action. That's when things got very interesting at Lambeau Field, but send you back in for the second half its weight larvae, Larry McCarron and John Kuhn. Peckers and Seahawks Packers Classic. Kicking off is Mason Crosby from right to left. Back deep to recede. Travis Homer Crosby, including from South to North, Here's the runner up and second kick hearing toward the far left side short on the run. Taking 10 Homer 15 2025 30 into a crowd crossed the 30 stacked up right there. J. Sternberg got their first boy that was a running Return right from the get Go 22 yard return. As per usual Wayne. We're looking at a big Siri's for both sides. Russell Wilson in the first half of play six of 1305 yards passer rating of 74.2. He was sacked three times. Marshawn Lynch moves wide to the left side. They flayed him wide to the left two receivers to the right Now. Lynch moves in motion of the offensive backfield. First in 10 31 Yard line of Seattle. Wilson takes fakes The handoff to Lynch Wilson bootlegs half leg right being pressured by Preston Smith throws it away on the right side and complete Preston Smith disengaged in pressure the quarterback again. Rach. He's done that a number of times tonight. At that time he was working against Jacob Hollister. One. The tight ends follow suit. Just not big and strong enough. Smith, Second Down, and 10 31 Yard line of Seattle just underway. Third quarter Packers leading 21 233 receivers right. Everybody else's tight. That trio in motion to the left side. Believe Turner Wilson shot gun, hands it off to Lynch up the middle blasting forward. Mark cut down Blake Martinez appeared to get there first and at least slowed him up in a loud Dean Lowry in Oran, Burkes to collaborate. A gain of three, but it could have looked like it was gonna be a lot more teamwork up to put a stop to most books. Also now the football left hash Mark 35 Yard line of Seattle opening drive, second half third and six Seattle Seahawks struggled in that first half, one of five on third down conversions. Wilson alone Gun three receivers right to the left snack to Russell Wilson. Wilson has time scrambles to his left, takes it straight ahead. 40 45 50, cutting right into Green Bay territory between the hash marks, taking down a glancing blow across the 45 yard line near the 43 of Green Bay. You're Alexander Enjoy here. Took the worst of that. Got him down. 22 yard scamper. You know, Wayne, the Packers actually had somebody in position to kind of saddle. Wilson was Martinez. But Blake picked the wrong side of the pile to go after him on Wilson went to the other side in the backfield. Homer is the tailback. Two receivers on the right and the hand off first intend Homer off the right side of the line, fighting his way to the 40. Pushes the pile forward down to the 39 yard line. Za'darius Smith Blake Martinez collaborate on the tackle John Kun, What do you have, guys? When we see Russell Wilson make these runs? I ask Patton this week, but what's it like to try and defend against a guy like Russell is, he said. I wish I could bring some chickens out here in practice turn. We have these guys chase them see if they could catch one by the end of the week and Brussels 40 times. The problem is, what's your second? Once you got a linebacker for the ball and do it again. He's got to do. Good job here tonight. Let's see if they can keep it going here as the game progresses. Game five of the previous play by Homer, second five football of the 38 Yard line of Green Bay straight I formation Backfield faked a homer back to throw. Russell Wilson has time bullets over the right side. Laboring grab 25 right sidelines, 20 forced out of bounds. Inside the 15 to the 14 yard line of Green Bay. Adrian Amos chased him out 25 yard gain. It appears the Seahawks are joining the battle here in Green Bay. In that time helping cast effort downfield was plenty of time for Russell Wilson to sit back. Take it all in and pick out his locket in mid camp a tight stack on the left side. The tight end right side of the line. Lock it off that stack and motion to the right person. 10 play action. Quick, throw up sidewalk. It's got it in the flat outside the numbers. Turns it back inside of here, Alexander he's down to the 10. And down to the eight yard line or thereabouts. Six yard gain. Seahawks on the march 2nd down and four blocks began their play on the left side formation, Most right and then came that quickly to the left that freedom up for the cuts in the flat. So here we go second down four for Seattle, Lindsey left side of the quarterback. Single received on the right side. That's Turner to the right. Two tight ends left side of the line. Wilson takes the snap hands it off till Lynch makes his move up the middle, and he's turned back. He may have lost the yard back to the eight or nine yard line in the middle. Blake Martinez got there first. Let's see where they mark. It appears to be a best. No gain. Four minute's gone by in the third Seattle on the drive third down and of blown four yards to go football. Just inside the nine yard line of Green Bay Lynch, the left side of Russell Wilson to the shotgun. Three receivers Bunch title right, single receiver standing up left side of the line snapped a Wilson looking around. Right side and he's got his man is stacked up drives forward trying to reach for the first down and chanted Sullivan taken for a ride by the tight end Jacob Hollister. They're gonna mark him. However, the five he'd be a yard short of the first down. Depending on the spot of the ball, and there's an injured packer down to the field. I think that Sullivan Shandon took on the full grown tight end Jacob Hollister. I thought they marked him short of the first down. I don't see the officials doing any kind of marking of the football yet..

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