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Scott, America, North Korea discussed on The Jason Stapleton Program


Thus god forbid even into the orbit of the chinese i i so therefore this brinksmanship and the threat of actual nuclear warfare now is worth it hillary may only make a live male our friends at the needs yellow english olympic appoint because i i'm always a as i said of of the opinion that there that there are no there are no good guys and bad guys in government that everybody is jockeying for position they're all angling for power and what you're saying absolutely does occur for for anybody who's listening what what is this what scott is essentially saying is this is about power and it's about america continuing to maintain would some would describe as a stranglehold on on its on his on its allies and so he says by having north korea there it prevents new south korea and japan from being able to operate alone independently and therefore keeps everybody in line and working underneath america's wing and you see this this is exactly what happened in the middle east you know we will talk about the syria and and uh and and egypt and this is all an attempt to oust dictators that are causing problems for america and their ability to to act and to and replace them with people who are going to be a more preferential in their treatment towards america either that or just to create hostility where they can then finance wars and and uh and and line their own pockets of the mirror militaryindustrial complex so um you're absolutely mean your spot on as usual in in your in your angle on this i guess i just want to see how do you think we solve this problem like is it is it a matter of america just saying look we're were withdrawing our ships were withdrawing our our our threats and then just allow north korea to make the weapons.

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