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Her today at w t o p dot com Search Free lunch. It's 1 28 traffic and weather on the AIDS. Rob Stallworth of the W T o P Traffic Center traveling in Damascus on waterways both ways between Long Corner Road in Gerald Drive the Motor City. Ical accident We understand. Still under police direction there, so use caution. Otherwise westbound road 50 coming back from the eastern Shore delays heavy as you approach world for we did have the crash near 6 62, old skipped and road where you were under police direction there, then delays continue around towards Queenstown and from the Kent narrows across the westbound spend the Bay Bridge with three lanes open. In the westbound direction. No problems on the Beltway running through Prince Georges and Montgomery counties. The traveling in Silver Spring was New Hampshire Avenue near Piney Branch, where we had the crash there, understand you may be under police direction as well. In Virginia, 66 eastbound after 1 23 as you head toward Nutley Street. The right lane is blocked with a broken down now with the state trooper on seeing their otherwise. I 3 95 north bound after Duke Street. We had the report of debris along the Right side's still some delays on I 95 South bound is passing Newington headed across the aqua Kwan and down the 1 23 north on I 95 delay still heavy as you pass the Rappahannock River headed towards 6 30 in Stafford. That crash, though, is clear in your travel lanes are open gets better as you head towards Springfield Interchange on I 95 no problems being reported. If you're traveling in the district on the South East South West Freeway, your lanes are indeed available. BMC Software and D lt Solutions are here to help federal agencies get the solution they need with discounted year and offerings. Visit www dot dot com backslash BMC Solutions to learn Mohr I'm Rob Stallworth. W T o P. Traffic, not a storm team Foreign. Here's Lauren Rickets is a beautiful labor day. Usually we're dealing with storms or we're dealing with intense heat. None of that today You just have blue skies..

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