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One. And you also got people who voted for common, Harris and so Is it in her image caretakers, someone turn around and win, rumored to be on the list, or several people representing the state's diversity, including two California mayor's San Francisco's London Breed, and Robert Garcia from Long Beach, who is openly gay. And don't forget Eastbay Congresswoman Barbara Lee, plus two statewide officeholders. Secretary of state Alex Padilla and Attorney General Javier Sarah. I'm Scott Shaffer News. The superintendent of West Contra Costa Unified is leaving the district at the end of his contract in June, reads Julia McAvoy reports. Superintendent Matthew Duffy took over the district five years ago and has been able to improve teacher retention increased graduation rates and will leave the district with 35 million and reserves. But he was nearly fired last year after an unforeseen accounting hit pushed the district to have to make deep cuts and increased class sizes. Duffy says the pressures of running a district during a pandemic may give pause to his successor. So I do think it'll push people to think about how much they want Teo and can take on Duffy says the challenges that lie ahead include digging in on race and equity issues. Important to the community. I'm Julia McAvoy Cake. The news. And I'm Brian Watt in Oakland. There's more at dot org's Support comes from Fergus Garber architects with integrity and artistry. They design custom homes that reflect how their clients live, work and play. Coming up on morning edition on nobody On this Monday. Leaders around the world are reacting to the US election ahead how Biden's presidency could affect US relations with Russia, China and Iraq. Hi. I'm Marco Woman around the globe. People are pondering a bite and.

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