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What's a trait you dislike and others Man, there's so many. I think lack of integrity to be able to believe something but not be able to honest about it. Right basically the entire Republican Party. Star. David on your podcast you talk a lot about movies. What is your favorite rainy? Day. Movie. Can I say Yogi Bear Three D.. Wants Yogi bear through. Most. Of the movie and I really think I had five lines olive which started with a Yogi of varying emotional degree listen that's art that's minimal art. You did it. It's paying mortgage David. What is your greatest extravagance? I love caviar when it comes to food snobbery I am the biggest fuck and food snob you've ever met. But like I do like chicken fingers or anything like that. But what I like to do is a chicken finger in a big tub of expensive caviar. and. I'm not talking about the paddle fish rose I'm about the stuff that is illegal to get. That is just unbelievable. You can't get it here in America but like the stuff from Russia is outrageous, it's so Like why would you want to check with vodka and then you do and you're like Oh my God. So David remember when you were going to send the spices in assaults and stuff your your. Pack a little bit of illegal caviar and their. Samphan. Promoting. I've just when I've been in Europe I've tasted it. There's great. Caviar made domestically in Idaho. Idaho has like I joked tesla of caviar because you're talking about these massive massive fish that are like a thousand pounds that swim up from the ocean and they live in this estuary is just unbelievable and I can't believe we're talking about caviar so I'll shut up because I could talk about it all day. So it's great. It's really really unbelievable. There's all kinds of caviar. Technically, it's not like from a sturgeon it's not really caviar but even like salmon roe central's delicious, I? Think there's always that challenge in. This is a very simplistic.

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