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There is absolutely zero margin for error. Why do I say that? Let's take a look at the upcoming qualifying schedule. And what you'll see here is really February. Seventh only two teams from Kake calf go to the Olympics. So you've gotTa make that final which means no matter what what you do in the first three games this tournament. If you don't win the semi-final you are not going to Tokyo. Julie what do you think about that format. I do not love that format Sebastian because of precisely just that I mean imagine if Canada Sambas Campbell's a little bit in their group play. They finished second in their group. US finishes I as they well. Then they have to play Canada and that semi-final and you you can be looking at the World Cup champion. It's unlikely but you could be looking at the World Cup champion. Not Qualifying for the Olympics. I think if you're only taking twelve teams which is a joke in the first place. They should move it up to sixteen teams for the women's Olympics. That you should give the world champion and automatic berth and then adjust around that so the US however Sebastian knows this very well. How slim margin of error is because rewind two thousand eleven when semifinals qualifiers for the two thousand eleven World Cup? They lost in Mexico in that qualifiers but in that situation they had a chance still to get through with a playoff against Italy but they were the last team actually to qualify in two thousand eleven. Now you mentioned Canada their in group. B Let's take a look look at group because that is where the semi-final opponent for the US women would come candidate. The clear favourite. What I see here I also see Mexico and Jamaica Who are two teams? That on their day can get a result and two teams that frankly have goalies who we have seen at times very much. Challenge elite in competition. What I'm saying is two goalies? Who could pitch a shutout in a one off game Julie? Is there any chance talking any chance of zero percent the US women don't go to Tokyo. No they're GONNA go. They're going to be fine having said all of that. They're we're GONNA be fine because we're still the. US is the best team by far in this region. Even against Canada even against Mexico even even against Jamaica with a very good goalkeeper And I you know so it would. It would shock me if if even if they had to play a candidate that semi final they didn't go through and the reason why is again. I go back to. This team has lived the other side side of almost not qualifying enough of this gene. Remembers that and so there's no way it's always been the strength of our. US team is we. Don't go in taking anything for granted these will be the first competitive games under VLATKO Sqi. I wonder what the expectations are for him him. If this team qualifies for Tokyo but doesn't win this tournament would you deem this tournament for all the high standards that we hear about the. US Women's national team a success. Can it be a success. If your second one you'll take the positive of course take the positive they qualified side. But I'm I'm certain lochoe and the team would only deem it a success if they win at all and you're right savvy that is you know the DNA of this team going back into the eighties. You you one and you go into a tournament and you expect to be on the top of that podium and if you're not you're disappointed ended about that and I think it's what honestly has always set us apart so they will be looking in gunning for a win. Even though they don't necessarily needed needed of course to get to the Olympics they just have to get to that final. Okay it's prediction time. US and Canada have dominated CONCACAF Olympic qualifying. Julie who do you think is grabbing the two spots for Tokyo in his tournament. There you go. USA and Canada taking the two spots. There it is where to go out on a limb. Do I really appreciate that. We will allow. We'll see how it all goes down. It starts January anuary twenty eight in Houston. US.

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