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Is brought to you by discover card deals aaron's husband bobby has passed away from cancer jill announced the news at a family statement on her official website revealing that bobby died on saturday surrounded by his family and he was first diagnosed with thyroid cancer back in two thousand nine was so sad if so sad with thyroid cancer is you know i if you've ever heard somebody say oh that's a very treatable cancer i always want to say like yes that's great but that doesn't mean that it can't be it can be fatal exactly in so take it looked all take it seriously yeah then bobby was seventy one years old all right it was only a matter of time prince harry and megan markel or getting their own lifetime original movie build grow it's going be called terry in megan the royal love story it's being described as the romantic tale of a beloved prince in this new fiancee kasinga's is currently underway however no premier date has been set but lifetime says that the film is probably destined for a may launch in the lead up to the may 19th royal wedding moines don't watch them out i'm gonna watch the heck out of that i'm not even going to pretend like amac and watch that were going to watch all be watching it yes also to because i watched the one about uh william and kate and it was horribly amazing but i learned a lot about them also do you remember real i mean i just like it gave me some contacts about some things but the other thing i wanted to say was do you remember there was that a reality show with the guy who they thought kind of look like prince harry and they've put him in the joke i want to marry her oh yes it sort of us they should cast that guy i don't know if he can act merely hannity larry perry blerta separate while no from going to mary here that's our golden girl said they don't nothing like prince harry i agree but you know what he looks enough like him that's true and its lifetime arrayed exactly lowbudget though these has not had not only is madonna planning on releasing new music this year but she also allegedly is planning to hit the road madonna's last tour was the rebel heart.

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