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And never find yourself where you're so overextended on deals that you've made to fix a problem. The short term that the long-term busted it's almost impossible to do and they've done it for nearly ten years. Yeah and they and it's the hardest thing that's why everybody always admired the spurs because they would have one superstar hand off the torch the next superstar group coming you know coming through. The warriors are trying to do that. I thought they were interesting yesterday. With a they had those picks and they could've traded him. Well they tried to but probably doesn't you know doesn't want to be traded there and they don't have enough right and You know they they tried but like the the you know the ideas you should get when you have a championship group. You should just let that team play all the way to the you know. Have a last season. And then go through a long rebuild but there's teams there are franchises that have figured out how to rebuild on the fly. That and i saw that dodge. Just moving i was like wow not only did they just fill in for. Trevor bauer. after that. And i think you're right. And i think they're going to terminate the contract somehow one way or another. I don't think the dodgers But this the contract stalemate with cory seager has gone on and on and on and i think they looked at it and they've been smart with their money because they can keep cory seger if they want to spend more than they either want to think he's worth or whatever it is And so they just well. We have tried charter now so we can spend on core. You're not how they pulled that off. Yeah it is. It is an incredible deal incredible. Hey mama. I think. I'm going to work with you a couple of days next week right. Yeah know i'll be down there for the The the free agency central and they're like from twelve to five. You know so. I'll call in in between you know and then i'll be there the rest of the week awesome awesome. I i turn around. That's only fighting. I wish eric excited another one. I got another one. I got another one for. Hr reading your sports talk. Radio hosts batted your job. That's how you make your living. Yes you root for you okay. Interesting content this is good. Oh no knows about it. Look clear. I understand exactly what i'm saying. Does that make sense. No matter what russell westbrook is really good for business. Exactly right yeah. Hey mama. I'll talk to you next week. Okay thanks boy. There's ramona shelburne. Who is at the draft last night and jumped on the phone with us today. We appreciate that Give you one more chance to iraq. During our show by the way is coming up and i think it is cap and clinton yates During the today they'll they'll continue the celebration. The jubilation the unbelievable fascination with the deals that both the dodgers and the lakers have done in the past twenty four hours russell. Westbrook to the lakers max scherzer and trae turner to the dodgers eight. Seven seven seven ten. Espn eight seven seven seven ten espn and yeah game games. Coming up for you. In fifteen minutes we will do that. And then s. l. k. With cap and clinton yates after that. In the meantime travis rodgers filling in for john today. And let's let's run through some calls real quick quick cool with you. Let's do it. yeah for sure. Let's go to blaine in one thousand oaks. Espn up everyone. it's true there's a thousand of anyway Hey guys. Hey guys based show I've been a laker fan for like thirty five years. And i hate to rain on mason and the and the westbrook fan boys parade but this trade is cringe-worthy i know everybody is in love with russ's statutes but as they actually watched him play the last few years. Yeah i watch after triple double. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah your love the love with the statute and real travis that you can't teach the dog new tricks especially with an ego like westbrook. Well i've been watching him and he's he's a ball hog. He doesn't have a great shot. he's a me not a team player. And as plaski touched on i've seen him play his teams out of a lot of games. So market down the lakers one. That win with him and he will ruin whatever. Chemistry the lakers had all right. Thanks playing thanks for the call even less than i do. Great the great lion. That come and i'm not saying blaine is a liar. But the gray lie is you can teach an old dog new tricks. Abs- players evolve. Russell has been in this for over a decade now. He wants to win a championship. He'll do what it takes to win a championship. And why did he wait until this point. I mean he's been in other places where you could have made that adjustment. He's been three years since. Oh casey has not really been on a team. That has a chance to win a championship. I hear you but the point is is that if he wanted the championship thing is important. Then you do. You would have seen some indications that these things are starting to take place. I don't think that a player. That's a star like russell. Westbrook is can go in all of a sudden become. Okay i just wanna be a piece of this. I don't need to be the whole cake. And that and that's what it feels like to me and i think that's what blamed was getting at. Is that because the ego part of it and the shooting thing. I think they go together. That is so wildly competitive and so self confident in what. He thinks that he can do that. He goes do it myself. I'm going to do it all show you fix it. The man let's go from here as opposed to. Hey you know what. There are other options. Here let me think my way through this. And and that's what lebron. And i think do really well together is that they feed off of each other as much as they do themselves. Russell westbrook feeds off himself. Almost exclusively. well. I mean he has to this point but did they reach some. Did they reach some accord when they were hanging out. Lebron house over the weekend. I would argue. I mean i'm guessing that they did. I don't think brian would have signed off on this move. If he didn't believe it was going.

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