A new story from Cousin Brucie's Saturday Night Rock 'n' Roll Party


Wow. Don't go to the place. That man's gonna live that down bag going up. Go ahead on two spirited Skye with rest. Yes. Okay, so you know So you know that way. Recommend you Stop man Spirit in the sky. Stay gonna go away. What CNN's got a friend in Jesus. So you know that when I talk He's going to send me up. Okay? I better go away. The name of the restaurant on the bones O Yes. Norman Greenbaum. Hey, everybody here on 77. W A BBC are Eve Tony is going to do is show And I'm gonna do his show and Joe All right, Joe Piscopo. So gonna have a very interesting New Year's Eve. Here on W A. B C and you keep listening, and you'll get the times that everything in the schedule and Maybe you'll spend a little part of the receiver of us should be kind of fun. It will be kind of fun. 77 w A b. C. All right, let's go to my telephones right now. You call telephone is waiting for you. 808 48. 92 22. Let's go to Staten Island, The island of Staten because of Mike Standing by. Hello, Mike. Happy New Year to you. Happy holidays. Happy holidays.

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