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They actually didn't pick up on that text as a kind of mandate for everyday Christians activity. The creditor observes that there was a topic that every bishop around the Mediterranean rim made sure that his people were taught. We have treatises kind of in-depth teaching documents on this topic not on evangelism. A different topic. And the topic was patients. Patients was something every early. Christian bishop thought it was essential to teach his people the people under his care and form in them. And The story that Alan Kreider tells is the story of what he calls patient ferment. Because patients led to fermentation, slow, often, invisible, organic and relentless growth. The early church grew through patient ferment. I want us to think about what this means for. Our Dreams are great objects in our vision of cultural transformation in our time. And our time is complicated by the fact that we no longer primarily think about fermentation. because. It's been replaced by something else. Even in just when you look at the beverages, we consume the beverages we consume now benefit from another process modern process, an industrial process called carbonation. carbonation we have injecting into a liquid these little bubbles of dissolved carbon dioxide. When you open, a soda, can or the bottle they start to bubble out, and you get that wonderful effervescence that in the ancient world only happens through the activity of yeast, turning sugars into alcohol with carbon dioxide is a product, but we know how to just directly inject through very innocent simple. I mean complex to us, but simple to engineers process. The Laws of staff carbonated beverages whenever we want to have that fizz whenever we want and get it without anything fermenting. Now if you don't drink alcohol for one reason, other good news. But I think it's dangerous. If our metaphor for life becomes carbonation rather than fermentation. carbonation quick, industrial, reliable predictable. Scales really well. Fermentation slow, organic, mysterious, often invisible takes a long time. which is our picture of Cultural Change?.

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