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Coast to coast in Canada there. We are across North American Rama global the World Wide Web. This is race line as long radio network presented by Subaru and race Lennon's driven by that. Twenty Twenty Subaru. Wrx On wwl rex ti the typical sports cars with Subaru ours. Ed The attainable sports car. That's fun to drive. And by general tire anywhere is possible. A Subaru Canada presentation and your National Radio Motorsport Authority sign says race line radio. Networks come on in Eric. Thomas your host and anchor and rain postma. Our Supreme Commander Baseline Mass Control. Josh Santos still steers the network. This week demand runs one at the racing end director of Motorsport of their tech director. Mr Ross Brawn Rig McPherson from inside track is earning preview of next month's Mohtaram accustomed car in motorsports Expo we have sound with Joe Gibbs on the Newman crash and hinges returned to Andretti plus the Subaru Raisani mailbag trivia contest to the race rap news. Hinchcliffe back at home with the unready for trio and Joy Ghana wins but vegas again super fans everywhere powerful sport powerful Radio Twenty eighth year on the air across Canada. This is the race line radio network. This is March Junior. And you're listening to raise line. Radio as an unlicensed doctor. We suggest a prescription for one of our shows. Sign up for our free podcasts. At itunes or with your favorite podcast. Fake doctor's orders sports five ninety the van on demand. Eric Thomas six race line on the.

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