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Tyson Fury. He'll be with us. But there is a lot of fury Key in Chicago because since Mitch Stravinsky got drafted ahead of the Shawn Watson and Patrick Mahomes that's been stated for the 10 billion time. There's really no other way to get around it. They bring in Nick Foles to get competition a little bit better, maybe pushed Robiskie they haven't picked up his fifth year option. Fools has a proven winner. Tongue planted firmly in cheek. I think the best scenario might be Travis Key wins. The job gets hurt. Fels comes in because when fools comes in when somebody gets hurt, things tend to work out well for that particular team that Maggie was as straight up. Have you seen enough reps. Have you had enough camp to figure out who your starter might be when you take on the Lions on the opening Sunday of the season? Enough, But there's just not enough with with where we're at. We need to see more. I can't give you a fair statement or opinion with that. I'm excited to see some more team periods. You know, maybe a little more red zone from two minutes, four minutes. Situational football. Tio truly say that so I'd ask for a little bit more time on that with him, But again, the mental side of it decision making where he's going So far so good. But we want to now continue to just see and not get better and better to where we have 100% accuracy with that with both quarterbacks, and so they're both competing in the right way. But I just I would say realistically, we just need a little bit more time to be ableto compared to the last two years. Cordarrelle. Patterson was a little bit more bullish. His new wide receiver, they're coming over from the division foe. But really, for our listeners at ESPN 1000 in Chicago. You're tuning in this morning. Parse it. What did Maggie Maggie really say there? He said, a whole lot of nothing. But what's he really saying? I would probably say a whole lot of nothing right? It just okay though. Well, it really isn't for me because I'm the head coach, and I'm the offensive game plan Play Caller. I supposed to be the quarterback expert? I got this job based on calling plays with Andy Reid and learning under the offense and tulip Alex Smith. And being there, I'm supposed to be able to be an instant evaluator of quarterbacks. And I've had this guy now, two years, so I know what He looked like last year and the year before, and I know where he should be in a short time span. In training camp, but to not have a pulse on my quarterback who It's only going to be my stored away. Nobody say doesn't have a pulse. He just says he wants to see some more situational things. You react in a red zone. We all know that game management is huge for Travis. I I would know. Who my start is going to be, and I would know it's either going to be Nick Foles Archer Biscuit in Travis Keys either worked hard in the off season and gotten better at throwing the football at doing things with the receivers. I would know. When you start talking about this quarterback and you start talking about the head coaches of play called Who got the job? Because he was supposed to be this quarterback guy and a great play called How come we're not looking at him? Maybe he may be the problem or so in Mitch, Strabinsky and out of the tribe whiskeys all that good, But you know a lot of people focus in on the players and not necessarily the coach because on the defensive side of ball Chuck Pagano has been there. They've been pretty good, but as a fellow wide receiver because Patterson was with the Bears last year he was with the Vikings. Like I mentioned he spent time in Oakland in New England. In between. He's seen a lot of good quarterbacks Brady seeing a lot of terrible quarterbacks. We've seen a lot of guys in between at the wide receiver position. Isn't that the guy? I sort of want to make the decision and look a quarterback and say, I see the way it's coming off? Yeah, but I'm not really listening to Patterson. I mean, he's more of a special teams do even though he's playing receiver. I'm not really basing my quarterback evaluations on Nette. Do. I can't do it as a hare coach or as a player because players are going to stick up for their teammates, even though he may look at the quarterback in the sideboard with the homies, that means like friends and stuff that he may say to him, those he seriously I mean, he can't play, but he's never going to say that publicly. So I really can't put too much into that. I rely on my head coaches and I rely on my coordinators in a quarterback coach to give me the information that I need about the quarterback question. Why do we? Why do we put so much pressure on guys like Maggie to tell the world about what exactly the plan is right now, Maybe. Actually, Nagy has a plan in his mind. Maybe he wants to see a little bit more. Maybe this is some kind of form of motivation for him. We all know that Robiskie regressed last year, Right in 18 2001, NFC North. But we know they have a great defence, so I think if you're trying to give him time, alright, you might have your decision. You don't have to say your decision publicly yet. It's not about a decision on the starter. It's about what does he look like? Like, Is he better? Is he sources the same like you brought in another quarterback? Because you felt the need to have somebody either behind them or in front of him? Because when you ended the season last year, he wasn't what you want. But now we're going to kill a man for telling you honestly how he feels. He doesn't know how he looks yet. Still assessing one. We're not necessarily killing them. What I what? I just killed him. Maybe he's the problem. No, I was going to say that. Regardless, I was going to say that even if he said that Travis Key was better than he was a year ago, I was still going to say, Let's take a look at the hair coach because a lot of times we focusing on players. Let's see who's dialing up the place and who's coaching these dudes? It's time for some straight What's in the barn?.

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