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McDonald six Google. Hello, and welcome to juicy scoop. Well, juicy, scoop obsessed, which is my private Facebook group, and you're probably going Heather. How can I join? You just go to it. There's some questions there. If you listen to the show, you'll easily be able to answer them and you'll be leaded and it's really like my own juicy, skip like TMZ page. I get so much info from you guys, and it was really a tizzy over my Nicole Eggert interview which ninety five percent of you loved gave me great complements. Actually, the best part is that you said your mind had been changed because as able to have her tell her story in a longer format than she'd done on Megan Kelly or other places. And it was really kind of amazing. But one of the things that has come up is you know that she changed his story and this is the fourth version. It is the fourth version. If you go back and pick out every time, she talked about her relationship with Scott Baeau in the past twenty years of her life in certain interviews and radio shows since she has come out. Finally revealing her truth about her childhood, which I think was in may. The story has never changed and on my show, she just shared a lot more about it. And I have been besieged with comments and private emails of people. That said it really meant a lot to them to hear her story because they had a similar story that happened to them when they were that age with a twenty five to thirty year old man, and they're the fifteen sixteen year old girl and some of the stories I will share on patriotic because the people have asked me not to share it on the main show, but they said. Could keep them anonymous and shared on patriotic and it's really quite compelling, and it's just it's a, it's all sexual abuse, but it is certain kind of abuse that I think has been accepted. Because what I said before is a girl at that age might look like a twenty year old may act like a twenty year old. And for some reason than the perpetrator feels like they're not really being pervert or pedophile, which of course now we have greater knowledge of it hot news today, crazy news that just came out. So the person that really opened the whole story about Harvey Weinstein, Stein Asia argentino. Now, her story was the main story that you guys had heard about. In the Ronin Farren article about Weinstein. Okay. And she was very, she was in a relationship with Anthony bourdain who has killed himself. So that was very interesting to and he was a huge defender of her. She had this kid that played her son in a couple of movies or movie. His name is Jimmy Bennett. He's now twenty two. He has come forward and filed a complaint. And one official now tells us that the media attention on the case has made them to an about face because originally the LSF said they were not going to investigate it. He said that he was seventeen. He met with her and they both tweeted about, oh, I'm gonna see my son oil. I'm gonna see my my mother can't wait to see you and he was seventeen. She was thirty eight or thirty nine that she seduced him. She performed gave him alcohol performed oil sex on oral sex on him and got on top of him and had intercourse with him. And he. He cents had really been distraught about it, and he could prove that his income had gone way down. And therefore he had a settlement with a lawyer with her in which she paid him three hundred and eighty thousand dollars, and that is just coming out now. And so I say, good, I'm really glad they're investigating it. It's very strange. I don't know if this will affect the Weinstein case at all because now she is in fact a perpetrator or does it explain sexual abuse in general and how it is.

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