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At Detroit's greater grace temple smokey Robinson Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton faith hill. And Arianna Grandes among those who sang in, a service filled with soul gospel and rock and roll I'm more Different ceremony today at the US capitol, in Washington a Senator. John McCain now lies in state, house, speaker. Paul Ryan this is one of the. Bravest souls our nation has ever produced. Vice President Mike, Pence says McCain was. A. Patriots President Trump, said yesterday we respect his service to. The country McCain's funeral is tomorrow at Washington National cathedral President Trump traveled to North, Carolina today talking about his plan to allow small businesses to band together to form. Retirement plans he backtracked a bit from yesterday's announcement of no pay raise for. Federal workers you're going to be doing a little work over. The weekend I'm going to, be studying, you know the federal workers. In Washington did you've been reading so much about people don't want to give them. Any increase they haven't had one in a. Long time the president also said, it's unfair North. Carolina faces the possibility of redrawing congressional districts before the midterm elections. In November this is AP. Radio news News The father of a Kentucky politician faces federal. Charges AP's Mike Rossier has details Jerry lender, again the father of, Kentucky secretary of, state, Alison London Grimes has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of campaign fraud related to his, daughters failed US Senate bid in two thousand fourteen London,.

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