Grover Meredith, Clay County, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Jeff Speeding up the covert vaccines. The Trump Administration is releasing supplies that had been held back for a second dose and tweaking guidelines to expand eligibility. Meantime, New York's governor, just announcing that shot will now be available to anyone over age 65 in New York state. America is listening to Fox News. This report is sponsored by challenges we face dot or g'kar Staying connected continues with 1061 FM talk more North Carolinians or being identified for their alleged involvement in last week's unrest in Washington, D. C. Richard STELLING reports. A clay county homeowner is being investigated by the FBI for alleged threats against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Cleveland Grover MEREDITH is accused of saying he would shoot Pelosi in the head while he was on TV. He wasn't at the protest in Washington. D C last Wednesday but was arrested when he arrived a day later. The Citizen time, says mayor to the bottle home and clay County last August after living in nearby Hiawassee, Georgia. I'm Richard Stelling Winston Salem Police are investigating a shooting that left a child injured Monday. Police say someone sprayed gunfire underwear home on South Martin Luther King Jr Drive just before 10 o'clock last night. The result. A nine year old girl shot in the foot. She was one of four people inside at the time, the bullet entering her bedroom through a window. She was rushed to the hospital. The injury described as non life threatening A shooting investigation is underway and carry. AH victim found shot at the Fairfield Inn and Suites last night on Leadsom Lane, the injury described as non life threatening no word yet of any arrests. Bunkum County man has been charged with the rape and strangulation of a teenager. 20 year old Kobe Johnson of Weaverville will make his next court appearance in February. Ah Fayetteville, Vietnam Veteran has been sentenced for federal health care fraud after embezzling nearly a million dollars in benefits. Prosecutors say 73 year old Willie Cane falsely claimed that shrapnel injuries to his legs made him dependent on a wheelchair or scooter. However, investigators found Kane actually enjoyed an active lifestyle. And use $900,000 to purchase a Carolina Beach condo. Kane was sentenced to five years probation and was also ordered to forfeit that condo and use the proceeds to pay back all those stolen benefits. With continuing news updates from around the state. I'm Kyle Wilson. What.

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