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Is operating at limited capacity was skate time reduced to 50 minutes. Asks, are also required is a further pandemic safety measure. John Hopkins University Dr Tom Inglesby says the nation is that a dangerous point with the latest coronavirus search. Epidemic now is surging in almost every state in the country, with the Midwest in the Mountain West, really being out really in front in terms of rapidly accelerating numbers of cases. Angles be says hospitals have never been under so much pressure as they are now. Ingalls be, says Americans should not travel for Thanksgiving and stick to just their immediate family. Former national security adviser John Bolton says President Trump is like those who caused violence in the streets during protests earlier this year. Trump is throwing rocks through windows. I think he's the political equivalent of the street rioter. Bolton said. The issue now is how much damage the president can do before he leaves office. We've got an update on the 91 eastbound at the 60. It's an overturned semi. It's blocking that westbound 60 connector watch for slowing as you approach in the cone past north bound on the 15 before the 1 38 stalled semi. They're blocking the right lane. You're stopping Go from Cleghorn Road, Ontario, the 60 East front at the 15 the transition to the 15. Working cellphone closed for payment work until tomorrow morning. And in Santa Clarita, the 14 north bound at plastering the Canyon Road, have a three car crash. Everything's been moved to the right shoulder. Okay, if I in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Dave Joseph. It's great news these days when a business reopens, But when a business reopens and is doing everything it can to help you. That's amazing..

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