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Those us were lucky enough to work from home network You know central workers but we've actually navigated it and we on boarded twenty five thousand people now to microsoft remotely. We've interviewed thousands of people remotely. And i think we realized that we can have way more flexibility. There's going to be times where we need to be together. But there's a lot of times where people can work from home. And i think that's gonna create a lot of opportunity for women in a way that didn't exist when years ago didn't exist fifty years ago and so that that i think is really exciting. I think we can also tap into talent around the world in a different way to just you know give and technology in our new policies our new norms around work from home yet and i think you know what i wish. The news reported is the amount of women on businesses. That are starting every day have almost doubled which is exciting. Signed to me that you know if a woman doesn't get to work at microsoft and isn't feeling like she is being embraced in can succeed that she's starting her own business. Which can only lead to great things. I'm here you for one thing. I did want to plug if you are working for. A corporation is The female founder collective partnered with sap on making a program called back to best for parents. And they you know we knew parents needed support and they might not get it from their company so we brought together resources special offers content to support parents to help them. Integrate work in life During the pandemic. And beyond. So i think that if you're listening and again you need more support. Check that out. I have a couple more questions for you. Kathleen than let you go back to running a global company you talk about being vulnerable and being vulnerable at work and i know that takes a tremendous amount of bravery. What was a personal moment. You learned that it was okay to be vulnerable at work. It's difficult i mean. It's difficult to be vulnerable at work. I probably the biggest example would be when i went through breast cancer to breast cancer in two thousand concert goes cancer twice so i was diagnosed in two thousand seven the first time and i remember at the time and trying to behind it or cover it..

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