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I'm Ben call been across the table is the only co host whom presidents, take the day off to honor her birthday. She's becky. Peter's, becky. What's good? It's all good Ben killing super lucky to bring the giants and education to the ear buds, busy, teachers, all to make us more informed inspired and connected educators. We try to keep this podcast evergreen. Meaning we try not to talk about news or trending topics so that you can pick up an episode anytime and get something awesome from it. And this can be enjoyed anytime to you. But it's pretty fitting that we're releasing it on Memorial Day a day, where we remember the ultimate sacrifice that people have made in service to our country and we're forever grateful that those people give their lives that we can enjoy the freedom we have today. And when I think about our country's rich history and about service to our country. One of the family names that comes up. I is the. Goodwin's in this episode we speak with doors, Kerns Goodwin and Michael Goodwin. Both of whom have committed their lives to making this country, better place, absolutely one hundred percent. Also husband, Richard Goodwin, who will talk about in this interview. But we can't talk to an amazing social studies teacher and Pulitzer prize winner without my intersocial cities geek coming out, and so I don't know how I've waited this long to my favorite story from American history. But it's coming out now. Yeah. So is a story I started telling out every US history class, I ever taught when I was teaching out in Illinois, but it's a story.

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