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Teen was going there every summer and it's hot one year I did like a roofing project and my soul's shoes were burnt through by the time it was done but I mean it was just so much funnier just working and so much about culture in you know other people, which is one of my favorite things to do. So thank you guys for being here and I'm excited to share your culture everyone of how that works in like the business environment these days. So to jump off, Ducey, should we ask them a little bit about like transitioning and adapting during covet? I think that's a great place to start I want I wanted to just ask like how you know how you are all. Holding up or or if there's anything that in the way that you've been working that, you think you know some things that you found success or some things that you have found to be more difficult that you could share with our audience that would be helpful to. Other, small business owners out there and people trying to get stuff done remotely. Thoughts. I might go overtime. Nine. To say. You know like Turquoise in. I. I did this on my own for a long time trying to be an entrepreneur and being you know going into a business owner. navigating the systems here locally with like let's just say like co working spaces or small business administration and whatnot. A lot of times for working being a member of a community and working primarily sovereign nations..

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