Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, Roger Stone discussed on Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour Podcast


So tired of the winning me too. I'm exhausted by the winning. Yes. Jeez. Now gimme paralyzed my arm. Yes. By the way. Charlie Pierce, his live and studio. I was surprised for mama. Yeah. They're saying open box donuts or that's not going to end. Well, our. I'm Charlie Pearson town do Jimmy Kimmel. Yes. So tonight, Charlie he'll be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight along with viola Davis and cypress hill. Nice. Nice fans. Get down with the can you believe your slumming in my basement. This is great. Steffi memorabilia, I mean remarkable. It's a it's like a trumpets attribute to me. Pewee. Interview at the interview with hustler, which I did not realize you done. Yes. I it is a beef shot. But it's totally close. I am wearing. The purpose. Doing other piece on me. Yes, Kravis Roger stone pleaded not guilty. Did you see the video from outside all kinds of crazy people outside the courthouse today in Washington guys? Roger stone, basically guys waving Russian flags and other people Roger stone and stuff. There was a fistfight on TV cameraman apparently fisticuffs professional fantastic speed of the bag of rats of fighting see an Coulter versus Newt Gingrich. Bite getting she blasted Newt Gingrich after he dismissed her criticisms of Trump's decision to end the shutdown without funding for the border wall. She tweeted, Newt seems to believe you have to run for office to comment on public affairs. Poor Newt at least Rudy got a job a who. She said Newt's, right? I'm just selling books. But at least I don't have to kiss Trump's asked to do so. Wow, fight on. Yes. Three an interview on FOX friends. Gingrich said Trump should not worry about appeasing conservatives Coulter he said Ankara's never run for office is know anything about how you put a majority together she's off here in some fantasy land where she gets to be noisy which helps her sell books. We'll Newt Gingrich's like the moderate here. Which is like the. Yes, I'm not buying this for second. And then Trump took a swipe Coulter in an interview he said, I hear she's become very hostile. Maybe I didn't return phone call or something. Yeah. That's it wouldn't that's right. Yes. They're just it's pick winners in these fights your America, America's weddings, very big way. Artan maryland. Hello, art. Are there became Roger stone? One of the things. That's always bothered me about him is how we happen to tweet that it was out Franken's time in the barrel. Four leeann tweeden came out with her charges against him. And I know a lot of people think that it's only left wing conspiracy nuts who think that Roger stone has something to do with that sometimes left wing conspiracy nuts, right? As we've seen over the past few months, though. I was just wondering what Charlie's take on the nail Franken. Roger stone thing if he's forgotten about perfectly honest with you have his fingerprints. Exactly the kind of what he did Eliot Spitzer. Yeah. So I mean wouldn't surprise me. I I don't have any evidence one way or the other. But he certainly was right. I mean, and you know, I don't think he speaks. I Lisa who knows. Yeah. All right. I have you have you read excerpts of team of. No. But I hear it's wonderful. It's another book I have to buy. I know right. Trump is very pissed off and hopping mad at the at the book, which always makes it more enjoyable for me just the visual of him hopping. Yes. Yeah. Parking possibly clear an inch. Maybe. Yes. He he is also dismissing referring to what's the guy's name cliff SIMS saying referring to him as the videographer. He was actually director of White House message strategy specialists into the president, I whatever coffee boy, another coffee boy, apparently Trump's tweet this morning said what about his India? And then the Trump campaign came out and said that they're gonna sue him for violating his India. That's not enforceable because he was a government employee. Forcible? Okay. I wonder I'm I'm wondering how many cabinet officers have NDA's. I really I wouldn't be surprised at all them did. Yeah. But there enforceable there will..

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