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Treats, everyone else with dignity and respect. It's not walls. Not militarization duly rallies last night in El Paso with a what may become a prominent democrat, maybe one of the democrat presidential candidates. And of course, President Trump last night in El Paso, joining us also from El Paso this morning is ABC's. Jim Ryan had it been quite an Ida El Paso must have been digging. The attention. Well, I think so certainly tough to drive around with the presidential motorcade, and then a parade of people walking, right? It was. Yeah. There was a lot of attention paid obviously with the president in town holding make America great again rally that walks a former congressman and they turn Senate candidate unsuccessfully November now holding a rally of his own to criticize the president's visit and his plan for the construction of the continuing border wall along the Mexico border till now there were large rallies for both both of their respective fans seem to be really enjoying the message. But at the end of the day will what is what is it chief other than perhaps rallying support? Well, that's about it. You know? Congressional lawmakers negotiators were work last night in Washington anyway, on a border wall deal they up early Ambert it out came to a final conclusion. The president was taking the stage. He seemed unaware that that has happened. Just a few seconds earlier, literally. So yeah, I mean, what was accomplished? Both men got their messages out there again or won't UPN tens on wanting for president in twenty twenty. This may be an early start to that the president. Of course, this was his first real campaign rally twenty nineteen. So what was accomplished a lot of attention page will Paso, Texas. I guess no doubt about that. ABC's? Jim Ryan joining us live this morning from El Paso, Texas..

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