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Seat. Jill smiles widely behind her hand. Specs had been working hard on his training and he was getting better a few months ago. He never would have made that catch specs, lay the Proteas on the terminal, and then started in when it flared back to life. So you said shark skin gave you some software? Yeah, he did. Jill said, she reached into her flight suit and pulled out the flash drive. Specs slotted into the machine and began to scan it what he was satisfied. It wasn't some kind of worm or virus. He started the install. You think this will work. Jill asked will know in a second spec, said launching the tracker, a new section of the window darkened and a large rectangle showing a live satellite view of the earth, missed it into view. It was beautiful. The entire world laid out flat overlaid with real time swirling clouds and crisscrossing flight patterns to Jill. It felt mystical and abstract. Advanced tech always had that sheen of magic to it. Can you find my mom signal, I think so shark skin gave us the serial numbers. I just have to punch them in specs typed for a moment. Jill couldn't help, but notice he was holding his breath. He pounded the enter key. The map hung still for a long moment and then to pinprick dots of light appeared. Yes, it works. Specs cheered fingers clattering over the keyboard. The screen split in half show. Showing zoomed view of both dots. One was in dig a city right over where jail herself was standing. The other was floating over the Atlantic Ocean. Literally, as far as Jill could tell from what the satellites were showing gills mom was hovering in mid air a few dozen feet over the choppy waters. Well, that can't be right. What's going on my don't know, said specs something about that patch of ocean. I can't get a better picture. What do you mean? It's like the satellites don't really look there. They pretend to, but it's just showing the surrounding ocean. Does this happen anywhere else? No, I think someone's hiding something I think so too. Maybe firefly should pay them a visit. Read my mind specs. Some of the window was occupied by the computer, but most was still clear jill's attention was drawn to a cluster of flashing reds and blues congregating a few streets away as she watched an arching line of police in riot gear advanced on a figure in red and black. It was another brick and it looked like it was one she hadn't seen yet. What did that make the count now? Six eight. She couldn't keep track. We can't help right now. Jill spec said, following her gaze, we need to fix the suit. I, we need to get back to work jail, looked over at the map, staring hard at that blinking dot somewhere out there in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Her mother was waiting a prisoner of the scarlet king. Was she okay? How is she being kept? Would firefly be able to save her? The only way to find out was to fly in blind and alone, or was it? She started off across the lighthouse her mind racing, Jill, Jill. What are you doing? Just what you said, specs, she replied pieces of the firefly armor clanging down on one of the metal benches. I'm getting back to work. To be continued. Today's story, the next installment of the brilliant firefly revolt was an original story written for you by Daniel Hynes and perform for you..

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