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Standing behind a politician at a press conference the backdrop so to speak are usually trustees supportive bunch and while the mayor's Flanking Liberal leader Justin Trudeau today were polite they weren't exactly supportive in Richmond Hill Ontario Mr Trudeau unveiled his party's gun control plan plan which included giving municipalities the choice to impose a ban on handguns but the mayor's at today's event all serving the Greater Toronto area want Mr Mr Trudeau to go further with a national handgun ban here's the liberal leader speaking at the event today followed by a question from CBS's Katie Simpson one of the things as we've heard clearly from the mayor's here and indeed right across the country is a desire to move forward on restrict and ban and guns within their communities communities. We recognize I sat. GTI has over five million people who could live in municipalities where handguns are flat flat out banned. This is something that will make a significant difference in moving forward on gun control in this country and the choice in this election couldn't be clear liberals want to strengthen gun. Control Conservatives want to weaken gun control. That is the choice facing Canadians on October twenty first. I'm going to note that you did not specifically answering my question but I I'm wondering if I get a show a hand from the mayor's here. I don't know what the answer is from you guys but we heard it from the medical professionals who are on the front lines yesterday that a national ban. Dan would be something that they would be in favor of because as one of the doctors pointed out you could cross from one city to another to pick up a handgun of a show of hands here from mayors who would like a national national ban. I can tell you I heard clearly from them that many of them want us. I want us to bring a national ban. Yes so all of the if you take a look behind you. All those people are saying national ban you heard from the medical professionals so why not go that route we are taking the strongest step in Canadian history to move forward on tougher gun legislation. We are moving forward on a full out ban on assault weapons and we're moving forward to empower municipalities this apologies across this country cities big and small to ban handguns within their districts within the municipality. This is a significant step forward art and the choice in this election is do we move forward on strengthening gun control with the Liberals or do we go with the Conservatives who who want to weaken gun control. That is a choice Canadians are facing liberal leader Justin Trudeau reacting to a unanimous show of hands from Ontario real mayors on a national handgun ban and responding to a question from CBC reporter Katie Simpson.

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