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News ninety three point one K. F. B. K. Sacramento's number one for breaking news traffic and weather this is K. F. B. K. we can live ninety three for one thing every day we can live abroad or to go by the way a number here is nine one six ninety one fifteen thirty nine one six ninety one fifteen thirty is your local number toll free eight hundred eight three four fifteen thirty eight hundred eight three four fifteen thirty you can let's use online KFBK dot com where we are streaming and we're always live in the I heart radio app that rob or to go on Twitter just posted a story about James T. west riding off into the sunset looking at some stories around the world and that locally noticing this death toll from the new virus outbreak in China has risen to eight hundred eleven and apparently that means it is now more than there are more fatalities with this than there were in the two thousand to two thousand three sars pandemic however that number of new cases reported over the last twenty four hours on on Sunday in Beijing that is fell significantly from the previous period barely some experts see that as a sign the spread of the virus may be slowing which is good another eighty nine deaths were reported while two thousand six hundred fifty six new cases were added so we have a total of three thirty seven thousand one hundred ninety eight cases.

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