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But i don't think it's going to be. It's going to be much at all. I think if an embark of and they need to they need to give more offering a big break because we need. It's going to be weird having somebody else coming at this day. Yeah yeah. I'm not be huge. I'm basically i mean. I've i've had stuff about i. M taryn yeah. I think he's a good opportunity. I think he's a good opportunity. I think he's a good option. Is john jackman is at just comes across the petillo feel like we need lake somebody in the fifty s huge perfect for pay more morning. Kevin fight you just pay milan cattleman. You can do it. i think. That's it for news then. So should we. Should we get richard on and talk about the first episode of wife. Haven't right so now that we're into the the wife breakdown so actually one of what i am. I'm extremely happy to introduce office. Guest host to the the shout direct from the direct. We have richard evans. Thanks use that. That's that's the gossip ghulam. Maybe even start something. I'm richard thank you very much for joining us to help kick off a what if chronicles event at for anyone who doesn't average is a writer and editor for the direct who specializes in the in. The emc also owns and operates his own restaurants. He's extremely extremely busy. So again thank you. Thank you very much for taking the time to to jordan was on the episode. We will Before we get into what. We'll have a full interview with richard komen to pay trump which is gonna release on the september yet so full full chat with richard about what he does it the direct. What as well as darren and how it all works so get into a what. If i know we've already done the at There will be spoiler steadily over as usual. We'll talk through the absurd in detail will break it down. What did we like. What didn't we like and then we'll get to. The end will get your like an only on june. Richard jumpin interrupt. Just give us give us your opinions shylock. This might seem like a really detailed way of gardens told richard before we were Minute defile but this sounds like a lot of detail. I really liked the fact that at the start. The animated the mall studios logo the whole thing go. All the way through. Tribal dow is cool. I expected when it started it all to be rated. I was a little bit devastated when it wasn't when they just gave us a little at the door as it i was. I was curious to see what they would do with that. Because like we've had a little bit something different for all the other shows as being animated but just that little bit right at the a new it was. It was a nice touch. It was just enough was an it was just to not to not to not not to bother doing anything. Just throw some bit. I also feel anew is going to be in it jeffrey. Right there in the voice so good and couldn't have picked anybody better. I could let you listen to that guy to be recite the dictionary. I think the only passionate of enjoyed more would be mortgage friedman. Yeah just what. I was going to exactly where i was. It was like morgan freeman. Geoffrey right go. Go jeffrey rights..

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