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Someone is hit us up on the dr pepper twitter feed at underscore the swindler on twitter. Says i see why dan did that. Insanely boring segment. He will never get off that hill. He has died on. Say with me. Dan josh allen is good have an already said that i i already said he's about having these little creative clever ways to point out that maybe he's not as good as we think he is. That's all i was doing a segment about a turnover worthy plays and the measurements. And if we're going to make all of these. Theo epstein's these leaders who can build cultures wherever they go because they're better at evaluating the possibilities of the future for athletes. If we're gonna do that with these guys then. I think we should know something as fans and customers about the metrics being used and the measurements being used. Like if if you have the ability to be a smarter fan than you've ever been before and that's where we are in twenty twenty. You could choose not to be that you can make fun of people who treat their sports that way. But it's always going to be interesting to me but to the guy's point on twitter if you did four quarterbacks if josh allen was fifth would you have done five quarter i honest to god on that one. I understand that you guys think that. I want to go after josh allen. Even though he's had some bad games here recently. And i haven't said anything about him. But i was more interested in the fact that carson wentz is six turnover worse than what i believe to be the most reckless quarterback in the sport. Okay billy's got some opinions here before we got Before we get to ricky williams. And i think he just. I don't know what his opinion is on your beard. I just know that he's had Had some observations about your beard. Stugotz is stopped. Caring a long time ago. He's got beards in his ear. I do Because he just. He just stopped caring about the way that he looks. This is a playoff appear by the way okay. I promised by lacrosse team. Their undefeated we have one tournament laughed and promised them not shave it until the season's over so with that said billy go ahead. I have been fawning over stugatz his beard the last two days. Now we see him every day on zoom. But it's not like an hd camera. I don't know how everyone else sees got. Riches looks like it's normal stubble right yesterday. He recorded something for me on his iphone and set me the video and i was blown away by how long his beard actually is. It doesn't look that long over zoom on this video that he sent me. It looks absolutely incredible. I don't know why he hasn't had his beard longer. It looks like he's tim allen transforming into the santa claus. But it's such a good look. It looks great. And when he saying playoff beard. That's what it is. Now it's girls cross amateur whatever fifteen year old playoff. It's it's a strange thing to be having a playoff beard for. It looks incredible. Thank you eliza. My wife hates it but everyone else in my in. My life loves it now. Perhaps i should be more concerned about what she thinks. That everyone else in my life. But i'm not while you're not doing anything in the way of grooming it right. You don't have any beard experience. You're basically just letting it grow. Unruly it is climbing very high. Where wolf theun up on your face because it's covered your cheeks like you're not shaping and sculpting that thing but the hair goes all the way up to like my eyes remember what time i had a cut under my eye from shaving because that's how high the hair gusts right under my i But my taught me a lesson about just trimming some of that stuff off the top of my cheeks and really at the bottom of my neck. You gave me that lesson and so i feel like it looks a little cleaner than it did. In weeks past perhaps but well. It looks like you've had a bit of a radioactive with with the way just how quickly it is. Charged your the colors charred quickly. i did not realize and correct me if i'm wrong. I know that he's been playing the mischievous You know eleven year old around here for a long time. But i did not realize that stu gods had that much world weariness in a built into his graying hair. Yeah he's aged a little bit during the pandemic. But i mean who hasn't right. This is what clooney's beard would look like right. Yes exactly Yeah many are saying this because when is your season over this weekend after this week and yeah okay no it is. It's a door. Don't believe me because there's going to be another lacrosse mitzvah here in three weeks. Nobody believes you and by the way during the break. I saw it happened. Stu gods has indeed started a negative test company. He he sell you a negative virus on a street. Corner ricky williams..

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