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New york mets you gotta figure themselves out the almost had a winless homestand i think lots eight and a row going into that game yesterday that get the win over pedro severino actually and noah syndergaard is he was put on the deal had to be seth lugo but they got the to nothing win the home run by todd frazier was all that was needed to get the win for the mets there as well we'll start i guess in but that was a sunday game we're going we're going to go to friday and start there as the giants in the national started a threegame series in the nation's capital giants win nine five after going couple of three times in the first two innings adding onto more in the fourth of the national trying to come back but the giants were to hold the mosque or three in the seventh to make it nine five and we get the win stephen strasburg came out of that game early with some shoulder inflammation in his shoulder as actually put on the deal after that game as well for the national so little question mark there is they have another issue with stephen strasburg newly his whole career has been mired in these injuries after already having to get having at tommy john surgery early in his sin here in the major leagues after all that hype come in but it's i mean he'll he'll figure it out that nationals their rotations premature okay anyways they have a couple of good of arms in that petition as well mccutchen hit his six hundred a year in gorky sharon it is hit his seventh of year for the giants and that one no and then one so once soto hit his third of the year already the rookie of the nineteen year old for the nationals hit his third third home run of the year in the loss cubs we the pirates three one behind a nice start from mike montgomery.

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