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Before we talk about three on one date with Hannah and Victoria and Kelly. I WanNa not that in a little bit connor. Sailly who was announced as the bachelor live on stage bachelor in Los Angel- becoming too Almost famous podcast today. Okay to speak to us about that experience what he hopes for what he dreams of and if he could potentially find his soulmate live onstage in Los Angeles. Soon after the episode breakdown. We'll give connor it. Call Ashley Three and Wendy happens. It's not unexpected. Necessarily we knew something like this was going to happen at some point. It just feels like a mixed bag of emotions from every person there but the one that doesn't have a mixed bag of emotions is Kelly who I'm interested to hear your breakdown. cowie hailing. Why did you have to do this? She I've been saying the entire season that she's like awesome but she doesn't even she doesn't itself describe it. He's awesome right. She doesn't show ego but she's smart and carries herself beautifully with confidence. And then this time she got humorous struck. It's weird right. I'm a lawyer with the other girls. I'm always bad at this again. A notes the thing that you guys always get me. I am always bad at kind of judging situations. Because I'm so sensitive to like that just kind of arrogance or like self describing that kind of thing thing like I'm just very sensitive to I know that I I've stayed away from even like commenting on it but I didn't know you were going to read the situation bachelor. Nation was gonna read it but I was watching the whole time like Kelly. What are you doing this feels like unlike you and again? It hit me as soon as she says. I'm a lawyer. I'm an attorney like kind of like I'm better than everybody else. Yeah and at that moment I said Whoa. At what point now are we putting ourselves in a scale based on her career pass. Great that you've accomplished that. That's a huge deal like I'm super impressed. It's not something I'm smart enough to be able to Pau. I think it is but but Kelly like what's that all of a sudden set me back and my one of my favorites. All of a sudden wasn't rooting for on this three on one day I know everybody loved. Kelly seemed like such an undeniable undeniable. Thing about a amongst Bashar nation. There were so many memes out there saying like the diamond in the rough right Yeah but she. She did a little bit for herself herself this week. I can't believe it. She said I'm an attorney. And like what are these other girls as if like your job to find your character that hurt that hurt me. That felt weird. Now here's the thing Ashleigh and we're gonNA talk about in a second. I'm going to just hint at again up until this point Kelly was definitely my front runner to be Bachelorette Ashoura I think. Now this is the last time we see her during this season. Ask obviously I think it's a very clear picture that she will not be the Bachelorette well moving moving on from Kelley to talk about Hannah and and And Peter Have the very first conversation. This was was uniquely special for me Ashley because it was one of those moments where I did start to really get behind Anna and and I thought her not him was assigned that she's trying still not there yet so not on the Madison level title. But trying. Yeah I go. I'm a flopper with Hannah. An I've never fully really liked her and also. Oh well I guess at the beginning I fully but I still. She's very hard for me to get to know like I feel like she's hard for Peter to get to know. I did like her letter. It was very sweet. I still am not. I'm still not syncing. A connection coaching that goes beyond the physical right. Now can you know I mean. I think that's the thing I was saying earlier to like. There's really only any one person that I'm sincere and that's Madison. Like everybody else. It feels like really good steal. I dates yeah like a girl at you like not agree or falling only for. grody like yeah like a girl that like. Oh I'm interested in is a bad thing. It's not like unhealthy. It's just like no no yet. That's how I feel about most of these situations tena. Was this this no this time for them to kind of sit down and discuss what she was into like what she appreciated about him was a was a good moment this season. which here's the kicker Mo- seasons it would just be another moment? Yes but this season felt like a good moment so true like like how many times do girls come to the guy with letters all the time. Yeah I I have. I'm very neutral and Hannah an during this conversation or your whole body Theresa. I still don't know her. Here's a crazy part and not to compare. I just think about this other night. This episode was the episode during my season that that I let go of Becca Tilly and the last ferguson twin like that to me those women were like huge pieces of my life. BECCA is still somebody. Nobody that I consider my best friends who I loved dearly like. Emily was a big part of my season. Who I got to know very well and who I root for and I I look at these women going home this week and I'm like yeah? They still aren't they're not even close and I don't know if it's about them or whatever but but you gotta think Becca dilly went home this week during my season and Becca is Becka. No isn't that crazy. That's wild. Yeah you guys got really close really close. She's the best girl the the most mind. boggled my season Becca. Oh Ob. Aw Ten the most mind. Boggling part of this episode for me was definitely Victoria F because their conversation went so horribly. She said Ed to him that he's always in a mood when she's around a whole other conversation that happened that we didn't see because he gives her the rose. All there is is a big sloppy mess between the two of them but he she was the one that he was certain. He who's GONNA keep around. Think D- do you get what's going on here with them. I mean she's just physical because once Jesse In beca Martinez pointed out a few weeks ago to me now I notice it feels like she gets up and walks away from any any type of like conflict. It feels like that happens every time they're on a date so there's conflict most times they're talking. At what point do you go. We just don't working like this isn't good. This is going to last but it just feels like it continues and it's not like it's not that was glass season remember. We were like nothing. I think not not to say that are comparable situations like this is an easy at this point in relationship. This'll be like the third day in real life right right yeah. It's going to go well and if you're not feeling the third day you're going to cut it off if you just can't get into a jive almost fee to flash forward here. I almost feel like Peter starting to understand Victoria F more because he knows that she's the ball of emotion and that she cares but she's he's nervous and she can't just break down the Her walls and that's why once he sits on the past of the roses. He like kind of tease her with it. Like walk through the car. Because he's like I feel like is his way of saying Victoria. F like take a breather. Like don't don't always assume the worst here I like you. I WanNa meet your family. You're getting the roads. And he did that just so she can like not be so much in her own head and he could do something especial for her because I think he really likes her. And it's GonNa break me if this one doesn't work beforehand because I feel like he's invested a lot into it and he's really trying into show her that she can be confident what they have as far as a pull goes like he feels a pull toward a girl. I think she's second to Madison. Listen definitely yeah. I would agree with that. And then I also think that he pulls her aside and does stuff like that because she's like second in line to Madison and also because he knows that she reacts better in general when She's not in a group environment No you're right like he's getting to know her better now. The question is issue going to take some time to get to know him better and understand who he is because just saying you're in a mood every time we're together is not referencing that you know him any better. It's just like pretty much spouting out that you you don't like the guy. He's a move. If like every time Ashley hung out and you're like Ben. You're just always in a mood when you're around me. It's like what you're really saying. Is You just like like me. That sounds such a marriage comment like I tell Jerry like little. You're in a bad mood today. But I can't imagine telling crystals that that week. That's that's a lot of St Peter Back to Kelly and Hanane hit and gets rose. Kelly is going home he just sees them as more and more as friends. Kelly's confidence doesn't really seem to like be too shook. She sad shocked and I think she still is confused on why these girls continued to stay and she goes home. My question for you Ashley. Is this this. Kelly even really want to be there and and is she that into Peter no two weeks ago or like two episodes ago. They had that day where she was clearly not super into him and and was like. I'm not getting distracted by all like the drama here and I'm still trying to figure out basically whether I like like you enough right definitely that would be my take as well. Then she kept saying this is fun way and then she kept saying. I'm having a great time. I'm having fun. I'm having fun. And and then he's like okay. Well I don't want you to just have fun at this point and she's like it is more than just fine. You can tell it was so obvious she was going home again I again. Can I say at this point in the season. We're usually like really in deep these relationships and it feels like most of these women are still very surfaced. Like this is fine fine. Hey I just want to show you my little note that I wrote to you and Oh you're in these comments to me feel very surface so I I lead us into this before. Laurie Bring Connor on here in a second. I WanNa ask you this actually when I ask you a few questions. is this whole thing toxic environment that was spoken about Earlier and the lack of depth in these relationships. Is this a Peter Problem. Oh yeah there. Is this a cast problem. This is a cast problem Peter. Why not have helped a lot of dramatic situations like giving some girls roses before he should have given them roses and then they go back to the house? And there's more drama than sues because of it so he's made like some naive mistakes along the way but for the most part. This is definitely a problem. These girls are They WANNA win. There's so much incentive now to get far because of social media it's diff- it's a totally different game and I feel feel like this is is the most mature casts of girls who have.

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