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Let's round it out at 20 so It's hard to believe even though it could happen. It's hard to believe that's going to happen. 20 quarterbacks changing teams, but I really, really enjoyed his conversation. He said. He counted the various teams and surprised himself because he came up with 20. So that would be the extreme. But certainly you've got teams all around the NFL, not to mention the fans who are poised now to see that Play out this well, great job helping us set up a bunch of these interviews and I agree with you. We had a variety of voices, some really interesting perspectives from guys who played the game Hall of Famer and Jack Youngblood, who has not forgotten about guys that he played with and guys that he played against in his work with the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund and Mike Ditka. We also talked to Lawrence Guy, the Patriots and he's the only Patriot I've talked to this season, and he was willing to dive into the Belichick versus Brady question. He was also willing to take you inside the Patriots locker room and what it's been like in a season in which they lost. They got hammered by San Francisco when he said in the wake of that they had a team meeting and decided they were not going to throw in the towel. They were gonna use this. Difficult season to be prepared and be ready for next year. Now he's a free agent, but he would like to stay in New England. You mentioned I Taylor the way that he described Tom Brady gunning for 1/7 Super Bowl ring, which he calls a week and so Brady would be filling up a full week full of rings, whereas Patrick Holmes to be working on Monday. That was really cool, loved Ashley Caldwell, who we just had on on this edition of the show. Olympian who right now is in Park City, Utah, competing in the first qualifier. She's an aerial skier. She's been to three Olympic Games already, and she's starting the qualification process for 22 in Beijing, Man she is awesome and to have her as well as Amy Trask on national women and girls in Sports Day. Or, You know it was this week. That was pretty cool and Roger Goodell mentioned to the diversity in the NFL, and he agrees that there needs to be more when it comes to head coaches. But he points around the league at the coordinators, and you've got coordinators of all colors. You also have female coaches, full time female coaches. And so he wanted people to remember. Yes, the head coaching ranks still need more diversity. But that's not the only place that you should count the diversity and look at work. Change is being made. By the way. If you're wondering about returning to normal, he doesn't have an answer for that. Don't know when normal is gonna occur again, and I don't know if normal ever will again. I don't know if anybody here can do that. I know this. We have learned to operate in a very difficult environment. We have found solutions and we'll do it again. Like the optimism and the fact that he and a Morris Smith, two of the most powerful men in sports, are collaborating and working together. But on that note, we may have uncertainty about the future. But we know the Super Bowl is taking place on Sunday on time, the date it was originally scheduled. Jeffrey on Facebook, love listening to you in the A. M. Hope you have a great weekend. Enjoy the game. I mean, I feel the same way about you, Jeffrey and about Our listeners. Thanks for being part of this Super Bowl blitz the last three days, not quite like being on site but still worth it to go through all of the extra trouble. The extra hours.

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