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Yeah ralph bay directed this film he's a he's the director it's a lot of horror movies i like most of his work generally kate winslet is the star of this film she does great work haven't seen her in a bit i don't know i like horror movies but this one it's i don't know it's a little dark yeah it's hard to see honestly the film is literally dark most the scenes take place in the dark and they're literally barely lit i don't know that's unfortunately my first kind of impulse about this film yeah it is definitely dark and i think that plays you know hand in hand with the idea of the coma and not being able to see anything in the coma you're only hearing things you're seeing very little you're hearing a lot so your imagination becomes your worst enemy i guess so yeah i don't know this movie i think maybe they did this because it was a lot cheaper to shoot this film without actually illuminating anything you know if you leave a lot up to the viewers imagination you're gonna get a lot of people saying that they that that it's an intelligent movie that it's wellcrafted that it's well made a lot of people filling in the blanks for the creators of the movie so that they don't sound stupid when they're talking about this movie but at the end of the day i think it was just really cheap to make a dark movie.

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