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Arms y- harm. Someone tweeted at me when we tied the conversation. We're like do. You should definitely do sam's so that i sent to billy. It was like shudders arms into billy's credit. Once again he'd actually written a blog about the dangers of storms. So all my information from that there we go. He's back right. It's bound Our jake your who's back and then we're going to get to george kittle in greg olson. Yes triple plays are back. Oh this yeah. The yankees had a walk off triple play. Today has to be the first time that's ever happened. Show us no. I know i walk off. Defensive play you tell us. I know yes. No i count. I think it's a walk. It's a game winning triple boy. I'll do the research. It's happened before tim curtin would he was talking about earlier today. I think he said it was two thousand nine. Maybe doing with the mike. You're trying. it's some technical difficulties. It was sick though triple plays are triple blaze should replace no hitters because they're cooler than no hitters. Actually i think you should be able to run for triple play. What do you mean you on defense. You should be able to score a run. Yeah if you get a triple play. Yeah you should also be able to try to get a quadruple play. That's where run should happen. Just keep like if it's bases loaded. Try to get everybody out track. Even though you don't need to like a powerball strike out there. That's what should be. Those should be if you can get to four outs. Then you get a run. Okay so you can go down can do double play one. You get a triple play. Dash accounts run. I like that. Yeah so you're always just trying to get the extra out. You should absolutely figure out a way to score on defense instead of giving us like six more designated hitters like. I'm sure man fraud is going to do at some point here. Just give us what the fans want. And that's defensive runs four. yes so if you get. If there's two outs and you get a triple play. That should be two extra yup. That's all. I'm still looking for the right up there with the free. Throw right that well no. We know that this one's not legal the free throw thing. I knew that wasn't leaving. Wouldn't listen to us Jake you got it. It's the first time in yankees history. That turned triple plan would be one via walk the only team. Ge is complex that while want to what set complex balk complex. Yeah they're yoyo teacher that syracuse. No all i've been bad with pronunciations today Okay yeah i'm good sure also all right. I'll go the answer for you soon. All right perfect all right. Let's get to our interview. We got Greg olsen george kittle Coming up right now tight end university coming this week and we're brought to you by our friends at simplisafe simplisafe home security.

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