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That's Nikita Kucherov somewhere on a boat yesterday during the Stanley Cup parade, which they have taken to the water. I kind of think is a cool concept. Good morning, Craig Instigators. W gr 5 50 an MSG We had a little bit yesterday. Would be the drunkest man. Kucherov doesn't doesn't get a chance to win. In my opinion. He's been drunk since they won. So it doesn't count. He is the drunkest guy. But who is the next? Drunkest man on the team Because there was some there are some shenanigans like I know you saw the the Cup got dented. Sure everybody up, got out. Not. That's not a dent that's warped. The the top of the I don't know what they were doing. They must have been throwing that cup around like crazy. But it is, uh, it is a hurting site right now. That's for sure. So what Go ahead. Petrov. You knew that he was not going to disappoint. He was. He was a big part of the drunkenness under L. Underhill. He doesn't even sound Russian. That's what I think is amazing. He just sounds like a really drunk English speaking person. That's how we doing, baby. That's how we do it. Jumper Bay. And then I didn't know what he was saying there at the end until someone told me he was saying Champa Bai. Yeah, I can't tell what what they're saying, but, uh I'd have to throw a close second in there with Mr Vasilevskiy who was wearing his, uh, con Smyth trophy as a helmet yesterday. So, Yeah, it looked like they had some fun. Definitely, You know, interesting to watch the parade all on water first time that this is, uh, that's happened right or no, I think they did it two years ago last year, and then the Buccaneers did it to remember 10 top pretty hopped off the boat completely loaded. Oh, yes. Yes, Tom Brady, I think takes the the cake for for that too. He was you look like you was pretty smashed. He was enjoying as tequila. Apparently So one thing you noticed. Hold on a second before you answer that. 80305 58 85 52 5 50 We have two hours today. It's It's easy for us to go two hours and talk. We can do that. But it's nice when we get some interaction. So if you want to tweet us at the instigators at the instigator 76 that Gregory 52, we're going to talk a lot of saber stuff today Expansion draft stuff. Jack Eichel. Someone just reminded us that all the media here in Buffalo can't stop reminding everybody that You know, Jack Eichel could be traded, so we'll talk about that. There's a lot of Sabres stuff actually to be discussed Expansion as I mentioned, so give us a call. 80305 58 85 52 5 50. I also want to know what you think about Tampa Bay and the way they are conducting themselves. Do you like it? Or do you not like it? I'm curious because there's a lot of mixed emotions out there and we shared hours yesterday. But one thing you noticed in the parade, Craig. We'll talk about the dented Cup because there's a great dramatic quote here that I'll read in a minute. But What did you notice and it's not. It's not a trick question. It's I'll tell you exactly where I'm headed, if you if you don't want to suspense, but There's something I just couldn't keep my eyes off yesterday. Except for Pat Morita, With the exception of Pat Maroon. There's like there's a bunch of things I couldn't keep my eyes off yesterday. I am fascinated by athletes bodies. I am. I I we We know we played in the locker rooms. Some of the greatest athletes in the world hockey players are some of the greatest athletes in the world and I look around and I just they're all built so differently. But they're just an unbelievable shape like skinny. Well, I don't know if you saw Sirnak yesterday, but But Sirnak here's Pat Maroon, like he's got the bowler slash golfer thing going on. I don't even know how he's an NHL hockey player. They even make hockey pants that fit that. Right. He is, uh, he looked like I did it back in January. No, I don't think you've ever looked like that. And I'm not. I'm not even kidding. He it's It's really incredible because I'll tell you right now. He's a great player, this Patrick Maroon third Stanley Cup in a row. Three years ago. One was ST Louis last year with the Tampa Bay and then again this year and when you look at him, and you're, you know, we're talking about professional athlete bodies. Um You would never in a million years think that Patrick Maroon played professional hockey, But I'll tell you, he gets it done. It's not about what you look like. It's about what you do on the ice and Patrick Maroon is is a hell of a player. But you know it's interesting when you when you think and you talk about, uh You know? Hockey player bodies. They're they're they're quite a bit different than other sports. Uh, you know, usually hockey players body very, very thin, Very lean, very, very strong. Um, to be able to, uh, to to endure the the you know, an aerobics of the sport. It's just incredible A lot of guys with their shirts up. That's just something I noticed, like, even cut traffic like not not overly. Like defined, you know, like some guys, It's just that's the thing. It's like I I played with guys that were on the pudgy your side and they were unbelievable. Then they were told to lose weight and get like and look like like Greek gods, and then they never returned to being the same player that they were. It's that's real. I mean, sometimes, like sometimes guys are just You know, they're they're just gifted, and they just look a certain way and they're not never going to have that freakish body. But, man, I looked at Pat Maroon yesterday. I was like That's It's almost like he's been partying for three straight years, but still seems to get the job done. But Eric Sirnak is just absolutely in unbelievable shape. Well, we talked about him this morning, right? You guys can't? Yeah, that's where you want to. You want to take it later there? I mean, Tampa Bay. You can't have a conversation without it without it somehow influencing or impacting or changing the Sabres roster. Cause that's what I'm all about. He really are. I'm all about taken I'm about taking advantage of wounded hockey teams. And if you can, if you can make moves and and step in there, because much or you look at Buffalo, they have the fourth most Cap space right now currently in the National Hockey League, so there's room to maneuver and move. And I think that you have a team like Tampa Bay. That is in a very difficult situation. There already $18 million over the cap. They have to drop. Significantly to to put them in a place where they can at least breathe. And right now they're going to lose something. And and try and get rid of a player and and we always talk about one player, and that's and that's Johnson. Okay, Johnson is is the guy that I think that Tampa Bay would would love to move. He's got three years at $5 million left on his deal. But in order to in order to, uh move, Tyler Johnson on You're going to have to give up something that you don't want to give up. And that's where.

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