Andrew Mitchell, Congressman, Jeff Sessions discussed on Chris Plante


They the andrea mitchell thing the andrea mitchell thing that we had talked about i need to find that because andrew mitchell was thanked on the air for giving a democrat congressman the idea of hiring andrew mccabe after he was fired by jeff sessions and the congressman the democrat congressman went on the air to to thank andrea mitchell for giving him the idea of saving andrew mccabe now democratic congressman wants to do that he wants people that have been proven to be unethical to have lied and a an fbi investigation so naturally the democrats like the cut of his jib they like dishonest dishonorable disreputable unethical people they seek them out they hire them and then of course they get job in the media and and i'm sure andrew mccabe is going to get a job in the media i'm sure they're fighting over he's probably got an agent now that is negotiating contracts between the networks and the various news organizations because that's that's who they are and that's what they do but the the media this morning on this hey congratulated put what obama congratulated but well that was different okay well you guys attacked all the bimbos that attacked bill clinton defended bill clinton well that's different okay all right well and and i'm also concerned about this guy in texas i'm gonna i'm gonna get to that this guy in texas about the other very excited about the the lie detector tests so unprotected sex in two thousand six it was unprotected sex in two thousand six she took the lie detector test at the request of a magazine that interviewed her in two thousand eleven they still have the photos and the results that they've been laying in wait because i guess they were planning on blackmailing or extorting trump in two thousand.

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