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Charge of assessments in Saint Louis county since twenty eleven announces he's running for county executive camel exes Kevin Killian reports I've had the guts to do what needed to be done sailors county assessor Jack Zimmerman says his experience rooting out corruption in assessments as prepared him well to end what he calls the culture of back room deals as county executive but would voters like the assessor everybody wants to be liked but if I'm running for county executive what I'd like to earn is the respect and the trust of the people of this county I am proud of my record and I think it stands for itself the forty five year old woman describes himself as a progressive Democrat he served for years as Missouri state representative before becoming assessor haven't Elaine St Louis's radio came what's a hearing tonight in the case of the homeless man given dozens of tickets for panhandling at the intersection of interstate fifty five in Lynchburg attorney beaver shock represents Robert Fernandez Robert Fernandez holding up a sign that says homeless anything helps god bless is violating the law but if a politician goes into the exact same places as I'm running for county council please support my campaign that's valid the county argues that banking at the intersection creates a traffic hazard miseries house speaker is a strong proponent of the proposed Hyperloop he told camel exes mark Riordan today it's important for the state to take the lead on this issue about a year ago a year and half ago myself there were people went to the doctor to do the test track we are very interested the cop that all that black and beach from Missouri get a feasibility study to see if it was something that we thought we could build the dory entered the first three the only side the country they get caught they said yeah we got a real life to do that Alisa harsh says the task force was put together then because they knew the technology works and believe that it's feasible England carbon in Edwardsville trick or treating has been postponed until Friday because of weather generally the two communities trick or treat the night before Halloween and then have a chamber of commerce preyed on Halloween itself that parade still scheduled to start that evening at six thirty on Thursday and will check your Halloween forecast coming up next with channel four meteorologist Steve Templeton camel excuse time is six twelve.

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