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Goodyear more driven. Earlier we had Michael Rothstein on talking about the Lions point of view is Matt Stafford now joins the L. A Rams. This is from ESPN. NFL insider Adam Schefter, who first reported that the lines will send their long time quarterback to the Rams in exchange for two future first round picks, a third round pick, and quarterback Jared Goff. Now, George Sedano with ESPN. Ella joins us to talk about things from the Ram side, George. Great to hear your voice, man. How are you? I'm great. Hope you were well. And you and yours are all safe. Yuhas well, and certainly we have to talk about this trade. Matt Stafford. That era ends in Detroit and the golf era ends with the Rams as well. Your initial impressions when you heard this trade Not surprised Les need. I'm sure everyone's heard the press conference he had earlier this week about not really committing to Jared Goff saying he's a ran for now. That's certainly got people's attention, and we had less on our radio show My afternoon drive show on ESPN Los Angeles. That same day, and we pressed him and It seemed fairly evident at that point that Jared Golf was no longer going to be a ram. And I'm not really surprised. I mean, you can go back further than just that press conference. Really? If you look at short, Big day, Historically, he never runs his players under the bus. Never never calls them out publicly. You know, his relationship with them is so great in that locker room because he never does that. And after the Miami did this season, the Rams went to Miami. They had a bunch of turnovers. Jared fumbled the ball. He threw a ton of interceptions. It was the first time in all the years that I've covered Sean McDonough. Where he legitimately said This guy is the reason we lost. And at that point I'm like, Oh, there is trouble in the waters here for sure. So He had multiple games like that. Sean came on our show during the season after that game and really didn't make any excuses for Jared like he was very much In line with making Jared understand that he was the biggest culprit in some of their losses. So I'm not really surprised. Jared hadn't had good years here the last couple of years, at least not Way he had previously when he led them to the Super Bowl. And we have a situation where it seems fairly evident that Sean McVeigh got the best out of Jared Goff, and he no longer had much useful. About Stafford being the one that comes to the Rams your reaction with the Lions making this deal with the Rams, and you know there were other quarterback names out there. I'll look at the Shawn Watson. I know that there's a lot of question marks still there. But what do you make of the Rams pulling the trigger? If Matt Stafford I think it makes sense. First of all it Brad Homes with the Lions general manager is from the Rand Street, He worked for less need. Who's the general manager of the Los Angeles Rams? So You think it was just an easy deal for them to make because Brad obviously part of the scouting department that you know work on drafting Jared Goff, number one Overall, he might have been part if I recall correctly. He was also part of the group that gave him a big contract. But you look at Matt Stafford. And you're looking at a guy who He's tough as nails right place through injuries is certainly got a bigger armed and Jared Goff. He's certainly more mobile than Jared golf and he is desperate to win. And I think that that's the exact combination that the Rams wanted because the waves of the number one defense in the NFL, so they look at their quarterback situation and they have a very pedestrian quarterback at this point. Almost any metric. You look at Jared Goff, and he's probably in that bottom third of starters, Where's Matthew Stafford is probably closer to that top 10 rage. He may not be in that top 10, but he's right there. He's in that second tier. I think of quarterbacks. That you can win football games with, especially if you've got the weapons around him. The Rams have the weapons on offense. They've got a good running game next one offensive line. They've got good receivers when everyone's healthy, which was an issue this past season and as I mentioned the number one defense and an excellent special teams. And by the way I mentioned showing the day earlier. You're talking about one of the brightest, smartest young coaches in the NFL. So I just think that if it makes all the sense in the world, it's a clear upgrade. Over Jared Ball, and I think the Rams felt like if they had competent to above average quarterback play. They could be the team that's in the Super Bowl next week. I think the Rams went up a few 100 point thing. It was like, plus 1200 or something to that effect. When this trade God announced now how much of an immediate impact do you see here? How much of an immediacy overall Do the Rams have now that they have a star quarterback like Matthew Stafford and all the positives that you say that Stafford will immediately be able to Inject himself into this system. Look, I think that if you look at Sean McDaid, he's a quarterback friendly a coach's You have right, like, think about it. They they brought in the guy John Woolford to play some chair golf. And played really well for them. This is a guy who you know was a German right like he was playing in the NFL prior to arriving with the ranch, and he got him to win. Off football game in the National Football League like that's how good they are, As far as their coaching staff is concerned, I know that Vincent changes there are a lot of guys have fled because if you stand next to Shawn Bebe, clearly you're gonna get a job somewhere in the NFL. That seems to be the case. But at the end of the day, the most important part is that Shawn is there and what you've seen from Shawn over the last couple of years, and his wife and Matthew Stafford and him, we'll gel really well. Is that The players in the locker room. Whether it's on the offensive side or the defensive side, they believe in him. They know that their coach is going to have them ready. You got the sense that the players in that locker room Didn't feel like Jared Golf was the guy to get them over the hump. Matthew Stafford is well regarded in the National Football League. For the reasons I alluded earlier, whether it's toughness, big arm, etcetera, etcetera. I just think that You get to a point in your career where you want to win, And that seems to be the case with Matthew Stafford. He's given the city of Detroit everything he could. So I just think it's the perfect marriage because you've got a coach who is hyper focused on winning. And you know it's doing over the Super Bowl loss He had a couple of years ago to the Patriots and his laser focused on that task. And now you have a quarterback who also is desperate in regards to winning. So I just think With that match. With the Rams being hyper aggressive in general as a franchise if you look at them historically because they've been in l. A, they have made big, bold moves. This is a perfect setup for everybody. George Sedano with ESPN ELA joining us here on SportsCenter all night. Last question for you. When you look at Jared Golfs career with the Rams from start to finish. What do you think? How do you think we will think of Jared Jared Golfs tenure with the Rams when we look back on it. I think you look at Jared Golf as a guy who excels because he had one of the best young coaches in the sport and people forget Or maybe they don't. I don't know,.

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