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Really good battles against Jerry the the old brew crew Harvey's wall bangers You know I'm sure from, a fan's, perspective you know sort of a fun group of. Players you look you look back and You. Know they, were sort of the one thousand, nine hundred, eighty two version of what the as. Had gone. On mustaches long hair You know sort of a a group of veteran, players that Just swung the baths Lisa Cooper Ben Ogilby Gorman Thomas You know young, Robin yount, Paul Molitor Charlie Moore Ted simmons Good teams some some some. Veteran pitchers Rollie fingers was on. That team, Pete vukovich, Mike Caldwell, you know. Some salty some salting players always fun to play those guys because there is sort of a toughest to that group sort of upper midwest toughness that the brewers played with I've. Always enjoyed, playing out, in Jerry, actually I. Think looking back I think I was pitch pretty good against Jake I mean I'd have to look but they had a number of left handed hitters in there That I. Was able to neutralize so yeah? Those, were those were fun teams back to this. Matchup tonight but United talked. A lot about when you have a. Tough, loss bouncing back and, resilience of your team it's tonight one of those. Situations isn't, it well let's hope, so that we can do it we've done in the past You know yesterday was a tough? When, it happens Jerry's you know you look across. Every single night in baseball You know there's tough losses that occur, in the ninth, inning you know we've had our share of. Some wins not many. Tough losses in the ninth but you know we'll see if we can, bounce back.

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