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One, one lagaras swinging bouncer left side past the diving. Turner back candidates. Short Cory Seager long throw to firs to get as nice play by Seeger pretty questions about the arm after the Tommy, John. Right. The answered some that throw deepened a whole that was very strong and great effort by Justin Turner. But even with the humid shield, Cory Seager stay focused on the ball had good feet. Get his arm and position to make a strong throw across the diamond. So one out Tomas Nido the catcher anyone ninety four with a couple of home runs Kershaw. Fires fastball for strike one. Nato is thirteen game. He's six thirty one and he's done the bulk of the catching went to gram on the mound. Strike pitch, right handed batter takes a slider dirt one ball, one strike, as degrom in four starts as you're with Neto catching, as put up an ERA at point. Eight seven. Tomas Nido it a walk off Homer on Saturday against the Tigers. And it's nothing. Mickey callaway. Wouldn't really want to say that he's personal catcher now. But he's gotta be one one pitch away. So you're saying he's not necessarily Charlie O'Brien Greg Maddux, not officially, but I mean the results speak volumes. And you gotta make sure your ace is comfortable to one swinging. Amiss Neto fooled by the off speed two balls two strikes to count on Tomasz Neto, who was born in Puerto Rico, but grew up in Florida..

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