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You're just tuning in you miss their Jacobson director research development and top instructor here and on the treaty yeah I mean really shed some light on what's going on today in the markets in the things we need to be focusing on as individuals we talked a little bit about you even those retirement age individuals how time is just not on your side right the the opportunity to rebound from a drop in the market is just something that you don't generally have time for you know we're talking anybody really kind of fifty five older we start having one of those major corrections you just don't have that ten or fifteen years that it takes to get back to quote unquote break even now the other thing we talked about in that that last segment is how somebody stole my cart and my Cup of coffee at target and as you can tell two segments into the show and I'm still talking about it it really it really kept me deep I didn't didn't didn't know somebody would stoop so low on this beautiful day as to take my coffee and my cart but one of the things there is we're very much we've been concerned about with individuals that their earnings that their gains I guess I should say in their retirement account is that a down market could come and take those gains away just like somebody took my coffee and my cart today at Starbucks but it really can happen that easily it can happen that simply just by not paying attention and not even understanding what to look for in the market I know we want to kick this segment off with kind of new year new life as were as were just kind of crossing that middle middle ground here in this in in January the first month of two thousand and twenty we've got our twenty twenty vision but what are some of the things that that we really want to what messages do you want to put out for everybody out there along with this kind of new year new life type of type of thing we're gonna hold in this segment well I think it comes down to that if again your somebody has been looking at your life the last couple years and asking why is it that I don't seem to making the income that most people are making the answer is you're spending too much time thinking about it last time actually doing something about it and what we call this is learning how to work right so many people out there they heard this their whole lives don't work hard work smart the problem is we don't work hard we don't work smart we want to work right we want to DO successful things that other people are doing we want to find someone who can model the way and usually that's done through education and so I always ask this question at that time of the show again Ryan if you're gonna go to medical school you want to know what doctor right a doctor right if you want to be an engineer where do you go engineering school to become a pilot where do you go pilot school if you want to become a lawyer where do you go back to school right and you want to go somewhere to learn how to trade we're with is a proven track record for over twenty two years we've been able to help students understand the understanding and foundation of how these markets really work not from the perspective of Wall Street tells us but from what they actually do and so this is a great year twenty twenty new decade to finally get something into perspective that's been kind of daunting to most people why they give their money away they just don't focus on it and allow yourself the opportunity exactly at the five percenters knows how to generate money by managing risk and more importantly using leverage yeah absolutely and it is a common practice those are you know leverage risk management those are key things as far as things are outlined inside of a planned you I like to call your plan of attack your action items whatever the the kind of trigger word is for you for for you that you like but it is these are tools at your disposal and there's been a an interesting kind of conversations I ran into before excuse the word leverage and I've noticed that some some of the brokerage companies rather than saying leverage they say they say like cash efficient you know they use these different terms because the word leverage has has a little bit of a negative connotation with some of our listeners and yeah I'm talking you boomer and what happens is is you know there's cash is king and don't do this and don't do that the reality is that we use leverage all the time and you mentioned credit cards earlier in credit cards are a great tool right there great tool that you can use in and that you can you can actually give us a lot of flexibility and freedom with that and a lot of rewards right with all the points that are out there but miss used they can be very very bad you know you talked about the late night purchase that goes from three thousand to two thousand or three hundred to two thousand make it you know because only the minimums are made on different things like that miss used anything can be can be bad a the the the comparison I make a lot of times is a chain saw chainsaw is a very very powerful tool that used appropriately is great right you not appropriately by an untrained individual it's not the best thing right it can be actually quite catastrophic now leveraging all these different things really no matter what you want to call it whether it's catch a fish leverage their tools but you need to understand how to use them if you just go in and start trading futures without the appropriate knowledge without the appropriate skill set that's a very dangerous thing that's a very risky thing but understanding how they work in understanding how to manage risk now those are two very powerful tools they used appropriately can be great great great assets what would you do if you knew there was.

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