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Market is smashed one record after another gaining eight trillion dollars and more in value so describe how important it is for republicans to coalesce around this message this year they would love nothing more to talk about that and nothing else for the rest of the year and run on that know the economy does continue to make steady progress republicans want to run a midterm campaign pointing out that pointing out their tax cut bill that that just past they've been promoting the fact that a lot of big corporations have been handing out bonuses are announcing investments and saying that's because of the tax code but of course we've been talking about many other things the news is focused on many other things often negative for republicans and that's by and large regularly because that's what president trump chooses to talk about two tweet about to focus on great we should just no no mention of robert muller last night no mention of the russia investigation something that has plagued his first year but lov on his twitter feed a lot on his twitter feed indeed so mara after the big the main event the state of the union this is the moments that than the opposition party gets to respond and democrats chose congressman joe kennedy familiar name familiar family of massachusetts to give the official response let's listen to a clipper this bullies may learn to punch they may leave a monk but they have never not once in the history of our united states managed metro strength and spirit of a people united in defence of their future now joe kennedy was the official response but maher there were by mike i mean there are four others right i mean a dangerous for democrats to look fractured in this moment i don't think it matters how many democrats gave a response to the state of the union joe kennedy was the official response and you know republicans started this the in the era of the tea party they used to have multiple responses to obama's uh state of the union's i think the time for democrats to be united is in 2020 right now they're just trying to win a lot of congressional races but uh joe kennedy tried to make the argument against donald trump without mentioning his name based on values and morals he tried to get away from identity politics he was speaking in front of a.

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