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Oursel- chat room. If y'all don't know I guess the race. I asked him out to be black sauve this off as a black, man. Don't take no mess and Pantelis foods black color lick shots off. Black granny dmbc. Knockout black toenail Moseley was on blow blow? Black granny hang a little heavy on the left hand side black. I have no words black best greens and hood. She deadly got that resurrection day black black guys knocked out of the park. She was black. I just I don't know how to show you how to pick out showing the video. I don't know how to get it to go to the spot way just showed her. But she does she is is that work. They had article. I think I've seen this because they had to Facebook and they had with that bad. It was Hon. Larry's so she looked at ass, man. I'm fucking with the wrong one. He didn't know she was a softball. Bob. Like, he didn't know Sienna bat. The peach obey don't worry about it black go Google, y'all seen it all last one. Let's go to the bonus round. And. That's right. Double the points race in round against Ray. So far care and it's two to one in one accuse but going into the bone. She has missed any. Let's see how she does in the double the points race around. I think I'm going to pause here. So we go to next session and don't get cut off. Okay. All right. Let's do this social media entrepreneur facing twenty years in jail for trying to muscle a domain name. No shit. An emerging entrepreneur same only on the fast track for success is now facing twenty years bars after he was convicted of threatening to harm an innocent domain holder for refusing to release the domain we couldn't just make up. Rossy laura. Theo Adams, the second twenty six years old of state snaps was found guilty of charges last week. According to the Justice department stays NASA features videos of women in thongs and bikinis partying it up in college with one point five million viewers followers states, naps urges people to snapshots and post on on the site to the catch under the catchphrase do it for state, according to Washington Post the incident began in June twenty fifteen after Adams went to the cedar. Rapids home of the victim listened in court Fallon's is e d to request that he said the domain name do it.

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