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Defense. I haven't seen that in the horseshoe in probably ten years. The defense definitely looked a lot better than oh. I thought and i hope that they were being very vanilla because it was f._a. F._a._a. you well. We'll find out this week because i mean the one thing i will say is. I'm not a fan of. Let's put it this way. I love the bail corner stuff. They were doing with a corner lines or plays off and i love cover three. We also because of the way they're coaching cover three nowadays. It's hard coverage to beat and that's obviously going to be a mainstay like a staple of his defense but but i will say this is how we're gonna play actually we if that's how ohio states couldn't play the rest of the year be prepared for little easy completions for minimal the yard is small check downs open. There was a there was a handful like just throwing hitches out to the flats because avoided area right in my opinion bail off coverage is it should be a change up if you're ohio state if you have jeff okuda playing corner to have him play off bail. Every snap nap is just absolutely idiotic so much talent out there that you just are under utilizing and i'm sure they're not going to. I'm sure this is just just playing their defenses against f._a._u. Yeah and they're going to get out of it and now they get to go play cincinnati and throw some wrinkles adam. Throw some curve balls and i'd like to see a little a little more press but overall. I really liked the defensive performance. I'll tell you what i love is me in the middle at middle linebacker. Maliki harrison middle linebacker was awesome and then you look at the breakdown of snaps. Here's what i saw. Here's what here's what the defensive staff told me from how they played pete warner. They love him played fifty seven snaps apps most the most of all linebackers so there's a lot of conversation about should be in their their answer is yes. He should and then a tough borland. There's a lot of conversation about him and i know we talked about our washington kind of blowing up for his guy. Tough borland played thirty four snaps in bear browning played thirty four snaps so they're splitting time we can say tufts. The guy tufts the guy. They're splitting time right now. At other linebacker spot the one that it's not splitting much time as i said pete warner and then too raja played twenty three snaps so so they're getting guys in there. I know it was f._a._u. But the clear battle right here to me is barren and tough borland because although people are calling for barron browning he had four targeted throws in the game four receptions for fifty five yards so every wants to talk about tough can't run put in barron. He's a better athlete. He did not cover oh well against f._a._u. At all and he graded out at fifty eight percent so let's call them down on the bench tough. Put bear in because right now. Tough is the best option from what i saw on that film. Now i'm not saying tough is a great option. I'm saying he's the best option and we need to get more out of barron. Browning and toronto mitchell because roger didn't great out that well l. either but the highest rated linebacker was tough borland. I mean he graded out at seventy one percent. He's he graded higher than pete to raja barron barron. I'd stay back maliki. Maliki rated alex seventy seven but i mean of linebackers in contention right but the defense is a whole i mean here's what you here's what you saw jeff. Okuda is special and you'd better enjoy him for four more months. Definitely a top drag because that's all you got the top ten. It's like the owners of the indian set about french door. Disa listen in gonna be here much longer. Just enjoy him while he's here yeah because he is special man. He is special. Yeah i think we talked about it on the preview show or several times through the off season about jeff okuda i mean he he is when i watch him he reminds me of denzel war rooms like that type of corner and he he has a chance to be the next big thing out of ohio states back defensive the defense about u._b..

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