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Man. Also America is listening to Bach's team's Lucky 20. W Y PC Mobile News on the level on the go opening up for more Hoosiers 47 degrees in downtown Indianapolis. Some Rod Connick, here's what's trending at 402. This morning vaccine appointments opened up to those 70 and older in Indiana. The vaccine is getting to where it's intended to be, and that's that's in the arms of those who are most at risk, Governor, Holcomb said. We're in a vaccine. Russian people who are making appointments are saying they want their lives back just over 40,000 Hoosiers have been fully vaccinated as of today. 73 of 92 counties in the state are now in the red on the Health department's color coded covert map, and that includes marrying county and all of the surrounding counties in the Indy Metro. The city of Fisher's is converting an old abandoned marsh grocery store to be a mass Corona virus Vaccination site. Major Scott Fatness and the Hamilton County Health Department have been working this week to get it ready to have people who are eligible to come and get vaccinated. Right now they're using a temporary location to administer vaccines. But when the site is fully operational, fatness says they plan to vaccinate up to 10,000 people. Per week. The FBI is leaving no stone unturned in trying to find and arrest those who were involved in the riot at the Capitol building a week ago, the brutality the American people watched. Shock and disbelief on the sixth. Would not be tolerated by the FBI. Assistant FBI director Stephen didn't want Oh says the investigation is a nationwide 24 7 operation. The FBI field office in Indianapolis has been getting tips that several Hoosiers may have been involved in the riot. There's a new police department in town, Donnie Burgess, Reports Community Health Network has created its own police department to patrol its near 200 sites across central Indiana. The new police chief of that department is John Jester, who says he believes the department will make not just visitors and patients proud. Most importantly for.

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