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Welcome back so news ninety three point one K. B. K. fifteen thirty AM we're talking here he turned about the debates last night in known vada with democratic debates we're talking about Mike Bloomberg they will not be a political show all mine I promise you but these are just kind of things that were on my mind today because when he starts talking about farmers you are reminded me of the way he was talking about farmers Bloomberg last I reminded me of rob Manfred the baseball commissioner right now with the scandals going up well it should Shania this is just a metal trophy in a really yeah now it is the commission's trophy just really kind of the looting what that meant you know to win this trophy and here you have you have Bloomberg and the guys talking about how well farmer me please immunize just you know you just planning is CD put a little water on it you know just really is it all is that all there is to it that's that's I don't know maybe a miss that here's Michael Bloomberg last night I think what the aggregate the agrarian society lasted three thousand years and we could teach processes I could teach anybody even people in this room so no offense intended to be a farm it's intended even in this room you bunch of idiots ideological morons even show you what a plan to see now not never done it myself but you idiots I can show you how to do that I don't mean to sound condescending I mean that means talk down to think right yeah and we could teach processes I could teach anybody even people in this room so even people like come on man even people in this room thank you my dhurrie sued waters suit thank you Mike it's got a lecture like smiling are we in this world to be a farmer you it's a process so you dig a hole to put a proceed any part on top and water comes to court the information economy is it do you all you put it in his and up comes a corn it's like this like Hooterville it reminds me of the movie Idiocracy he does this brigade disparate Gatorade on junior over Wendell Douglas what's brought to you by girls Mr Bloomberg Mister Campbell goes on him for Greenacres Mister Campbell is this is Mike Miller Hamish bummer about your card well about your call aren't better but that debate will not about the debate but fundamentally different you have to have a different skill set you have to have a lot more gray matter so in other words if I'm a former and just got it done look at all the other stuff that you have to use your brains but it is a silly old dom former by golly we put the gourmet hi what are you kidding me who are you trying to win over her here meeting Kevin was just saying was set up long before Devin and Kevin set it up long before we heard that many my page the farm long we've learned about his hatred of the farmer disrespect of the pharmacy I don't know I don't think he's going to be the candidate anyway if America is a nation built by farmers who work hard to provide their family support their neighbors and draw out god's abundance from the earth you pour out your sweat and soul you pour out your heart do you really do your incredible people you work so hard and you're smart as hell fire will always keep fighting for the American farmer and rancher the people in this room we're going to fight for you and we're gonna win and we're gonna get you your water and put a lot of pressure on your governor and frankly if he doesn't do it you're going to get a new governor your I think he just won over some farmers today signed a water bill here and sit in the California I'll tell you more about that you gotta love the Bloomberg.

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