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Year for cobb face zach effluence six two three oh two year eight fifty seven strikeouts for him on this season he's been very good who's five in june this is probably not very happy to see them on then but he'll look to take that into july and keep running in toronto be the mets and the blue jays in other interleague series cohen as we'll have sack wheeler and marco estrada going for these two wheeler is to in six four four seven era eighty six strikeouts for the mets estrada foreign seven four five three or a sixty nine strikeouts for the blue jays and cincinnati the white sox end the reds get going again i'll be lucas julie tokens anthony disco funding for the reds disco von is three in one with a four four four five year twenty four okay i mean lost art he did give up two runs through six innings that's pretty good did have did have a start to the seventh inning and so it's those sometimes though starts can you can have a great six innings you'll pin manage like okay i'll let you go out there for the seventh and you get roughed up a little bit in the bullpen can't handle then all of a sudden you have up you got two more runs on your on your doctor and your team's trailing or something like that julia look as she lied to five and seven with a six five nine year eight fifty one strikeouts is the white sox have not been pitching while this year really at all in miami it'll be a it'll be the rays and the marlins neither team has actually had another team has announced starter as the raise going with that that opener they don't know who's i guess is the opener tomorrow and the marlins same thing they're they're starter is not been announced either in texas it'll be about battle of texas astros and rangers doubts go against us and diva sticks is still trying to right the ship a little bit did allow six runs in his last start out really been up and down all year having trouble locating fastball he's four nate with that four to two era eighty strikeouts on the year against evens turks is one three five seven era seventeen strikeouts in a couple of starts he's making his fifth start of the season for the rangers in in kansas city it'll be the indians and the royals again shane bieber against any dovey bieber's been very good in his spot starts is he's three now becoming billy of ability part of his vocation now she held the cardinals only allowing one run through sits on six hits through six innings of work and didn't jeffey he is and seven with a four nine four around the eighty three strikeouts for him weighing four three of his last four starts for the royals in oakland clayton richard for the as against for the padres against chris bassett for the padres as an interleague series going as it'll be lefthander richard seven and seven four to nine hundred eighty four strikeouts he's been good part of that padres rotation against facet who's been up and down loses i three starts but he got his first one of the year last season last week gave up no runs on two hits in six innings pitched against the tigers pitching nicely one in three with a two eight two year eighteen strikeouts on the year four bassett for the diamondbacks in the cardinals in arizona it'll be jack flaherty against soccer grinky could match up here flared he's three and three two two nine two year eight which in very well destroy go a little bit last week against the indians he got seventy checkouts on the year so he'll look to take that to arizona and use it well the strike out pitch zack greinke he's eight and five day.

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