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In a in a red state but also what i mentioned earlier about the it seems to me that the dnc and the entire leadership from bernie and elizabeth warren and keep alison tom perez like those guys seem way more left some of the things you've talked about here so i don't it's almost like why would they want to support you like they've you're sort of against the stuff that they're kind of tom perez visited utah couple of times he's pretty committed to playing every zip code and i think he's building towards that i mean the republican party and the democratic party have different influences within its governance structure so i haven't given up on the dnc paying attention to utah i think they've done a good job in the past year in really engaging listening what's most important to me is that we get to the point where both parties actually recognize that there are cities and there are communities and they're all smart small towns aside from los angeles new york city big cities in florida excetera chicago we're there people on the ground in my state in need with the new government to lift them up or need some support in some way from community base networks and i think that we have become both not as in this isn't just the party's washington governed a little too focused i think on urban centers do you think we're just too reliant on government in general that the answer always seemed for both parties at this point i mean there's a couple out liars i think rand paul always bring up he's trying obviously have disagreements with him on the on the amount of government but i see him as someone that's earnestly trying to fight for what he believes in and usually fall short because the system doesn't allow it that much.

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