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Society. Because there's less walls to bother us. Yeah i mean again. I i i absolutely hear what you're saying that you believe in it but i just i keep thinking of like you know what if ice gets a hold of this data they wanna just take you know they wanna find every lawbreaker you know no matter what you know whatever. The the hot crime is your is in an overactive. Just any kind of federal You know overreaction and giving them the to be able to get into a To be able to do completely no i agree. You know a my. My plan is so thorough that every little thing is covered like for example with ice. I cannot even though as a republican is crazy. But i have a basically an open immigration policy in fact my theories that in order to compete against china which has almost going to soon have five times population as four times our population right now. We have to dramatically grow america and because my policies don't really include many social services offered to people. I invite people to come in. And i think with a very defined facial recognition system around america. We would be able to make people much safer to stop mass shooting stop terrorism and stuff like that in his tracks but therefore i invite people into our country freely but because i offered no social services like you can't just come and be homeless. Nothing's going to happen. You're going to have to come and work and so my plan is to get rid of things like is invite people all around the world to come back and make america truly make america great build new cities in the west and things like this. It's a very transient. The city is a very kind of grandiose plan. But it doesn't it. Really establishes liberties for people doesn't put up borders however everybody gets to see what everybody else is doing. So if you a terrorist you're going to be recognized almost immediately by systems and police and things like that that's interesting i can just see the potential for you pissing. So many different kinds of people off is really fantastic. I really enjoying it. Hence why not that. Many people in hampshire will be voting for him. Yeah although i mean lord knows if you had bloomberg money to make an advertiser saying exactly what you're saying now you'd probably you'd probably find your constituency that needed to be out there. Well let me ask you this. How old are you now. I am forty six right now. Okay your forty six. You and i are about the same age i'm I'm great much more rapidly than you have. But i mean you have to have this this question now As as people our age should looking in the mirror you thinking is it gonna come in time like we'll trans humanism arrive in time to save me. what what. What's what do you say to yourself and your gut there. Well this is the most. I'd say pressing issue. And why. I wrote the novel called the transhumance. Wager the transhumance. Wagers this idea that we know that science and technology can overcome death. The question is by what date will do it. And will you still be alive. And if you think you're still going to be alive than it makes most logical sense to dedicate all your energy and resources toward trans humanism. So that you don't die and that's really what the transhumance wager is about. Of course it's compared to pascal's wager. Where you dedicate your resources to god to go to heaven to the transhumance wager. You dedicate your resources to science and research. Now we're in this most amazing age because if we can discover ways to overcome aging by. Let's say twenty thirty versus twenty fifty. We will save one billion lives and that twenty year life span. I mean no humanitarian effort like trans humanism has ever been undertaken before we're talking about saving like hundreds of millions of lives. But if you don't make it you just missed that edge of because once you start learning how to reverse aging through either genetic therapy's the other ways are through bionic organs. I mean most people die from organ failure and a cardiovascular failure so we buy cards transcend mr working on or even crazy stuff like uploading your conscious. That one's probably. We're not sure if that's viable. But we're definitely sure that genetic editing and stem cell therapy therapies and byron organs can make us live dramatically longer. Maybe like alzheimer's can even be fixed with stem cell therapy and stuff like that. The point though is the further we get down this path. Five ten fifteen years. We get better and better at the science. There's going to be a point when we win. But if you can't make it the next twenty years you'll never know but wouldn't it be terrible for someone like me ironic. Just i die of old age and then the five years later. Somebody says oh. Here's the magic pill for all of us living indefinitely. That's a great worry. that is great. I one thing. I guess we can say is it will not have come to pass without a great deal of effort on your part trying to avoid it right. You're probably putting more skin in the game than than anyone else out there to try to make sure that you beat the clock. We'll i am and it's interesting because one of the big projects we're working on right now. We've had documentary done and called immortal your boss as well as books being done. But the immortality busts has also become the world's most well known longevity project and so we're in talks with a couple of different major museums to try to dedicate the bus so that you'll have an exhibit exhibit to go on and be on the bus and see videos of what it was like to be on this crazy blackie tour because we had like biohacking lab on the bus. We had a four foot robot on the buzz. We had drones on the bus. We had all these virtual reality on the bus. It was a really fun tour and of course people are taking drugs. People were doing are our course lovers of drugs and lovers of substances that are always trying to alter themselves so now you got my it was. It was a very fun trip in terms of like kind of like the sixties. The bus further and ken. Casey going off. So we're hoping that the immortality bus takes its place in the art world like sort of like that. And from the hindsight of the future in which trans humanist goals have been met they can sort of see one of the one of the origin stories one of the original mementos of the we're gonna movement. We're going to look back. I think in fifty years. And say i can't believe that more people didn't dedicate time to living longer like when we take not dying for granted this great tragedy that most people are like you don't want to go through okay. Maybe most people accept death. But i think very few people actually are willing to go through the the the two or three day experience or even five minute experience of it and i can't believe that more people don't dedicate energy to overcoming it it just we even culture where we live in a death cultural been cultured to believe that. We're going to be met by jesus in a minute after we die and life skin it'd be great for returning. I mean this is to me insane. Did you say dentist is the where. That's the word we live in a culture. Yeah i definitely agree. All of this like You know next reward stuff does does have a moral hazard there. You get too excited about what's next and you get a little less attached to what we ought to be thinking about my goodness all right. Well we've reached nearly the end of our dot winnie. Here's to make it under the clock. Thanks for coming in talking with us. It's been great. Thank you for having me and good luck in this in this election. Thank you.

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