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Their ballpark i mean they can to a certain extent but um you know any powered damage that another team house coming in it's going to be nullified to a certain extent um so you play hack your games there you want to try to maximize what works in that ballpark in nuts doubles triples you'll being athletic going first to third scoring from second on a single um you know all the things that they did so well they had a more athletic lineup and so i think the key is for them to get more athletic and um you know yeah you can do both i think a little bit but you know what what you see is when they play twenty six world series and they win three of them and they lose twenty of them and they think about maybe seven or eight of those 20 they were sweat i mean that just tells you that this team was a deadball they're a team trying to compete in alive all era and it it was it was start to to see so i think they do need more power they do need to be able to get some more instant offense but i think they they they can't just build you know all in that direction because in their home park they have to in a certain way that maybe doesn't rely on the home run and that's why outfield defense is going to be big i really you think of that is not being a major thing but you watch them playing course field and it was just like wow i mean they they did didn't he didn't even compete uh trying to play the outfielder course field we know that their own outfield it's difficult play so you know printing for a billy hamilton training for kevin poole are maybe trying to get a de gordon from a um uh the marlins and maybe that makes you know joe panic expendable think.

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