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The last minute changes to the tax code this year. Thanks congress what what last minute changes were made. Do you know. I have no idea. I didn't know there were less. I don't like hearing that haven't done a mode either. Rtd to carmen. Please tired cpa. Sarah thank you for your courage sarah. You've got karma now. Do we have a couple of make goods to do here. That i saw come in mice. I didn't get that. Don't have to in front of me okay. i'll be do. Yes nowadays this is Twelve twelve a month night noto yes. How about this greetings from four patchy the bronx currently the bronx is basically the wild west combined with the road warrior. People are getting shot daily. And they're a roving bands of kids on. Atv's motocross bikes. Driving around the borough twenty four hours a day. It's nuts bully crap. I'm writing to request my spot on the no agenda roundtable. I've been a monthly contributor for twelve dollars. Twelve cents and some other amounts for over a decade made it please nightmare zillah. I'd like to request kombucha tea and natto for the roundtable because fermented foods are the key to good health. Thanks for everything you do. Your podcast is invaluable. John bog leoni fantastic. Thank you so much this love it. When that happens ten years and getting that beautiful night ring in the sealing wax et cetera after two days after the ceremony of course last week says roland thatcher made a donation announcing a note. I would like to point out that my name is not robert as roland. Oops if not ronald either. No i am jerry. Transfer have not missed an episode since adam was on his show. You guys are the best. When my wife and recently bought a subscription to the washington post. I my when my wife recently bought a subscription to the washington post. I knew i needed to punch in the mouth. And this is the best way that i could think of doing it. So if you would please send me some relationship karma yes. I also need a Bandido douched and china's ass ho with. Don't eat me kamla. Thanks for filtering out the news for us. I would hate to have to do that myself. Yes i you and let me get the. What is it kamla. Don't eat me commensal. to This was Not planned point. The i hate it when i can't find something quickly. This is nuts we do. Do we have that. No we don't there's no don't eat me calmly. It's don't enslave me. Carmela people oh. This is rare guessing louis or well. Yeah we try to get cam. You've got karma and finally joel nelson make good donation celebration. My first human resources was born on thursday july twenty second at nine twenty nine central time. I'd like a healthy dose of standard karma four at does nude venture venture into life. Ada having positive karma to start out with a great gift karma for my keepers continued recovery from pre clamps clemencia pre-clampsia. The doesn't sound word. But i can't pronounce it. Yes -essarily pre-clampsia with help and a c. section my decision to place family above work and push out a start date by two weeks and be jobless to be there for them. What a man. A man right there for you could go dead. No jingles just standard commonplace donation accounting. Attached me over the knighthood threshold. I like to be dame. I'd like to dame my daughter dame odd of the sassy pants at six days old. She's already sassan me. Who requests would be warm blankets and open arms. And there's plenty of that the roundtable. Congratulations everybody in. The family is fantastic. You've got karma warm blankets and open arms. Cute okay yeah. I think it's a big list of people today. But the big show. I'm working Big show relating we the big show. Thank you to all these producers These are the executive producers associate executive producers which means you can probably display these credits anywhere. That credits are recognized. Imdb recognize them. You see many other big names who understand that. This is something that you got to get it on. At least once in your life it will be thinking more people in a second donation segment again. support us and you can do it twice a week by going to dot org slash and thank you for the enormous time talent.

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